Apps Without Code Reviews

Ever felt you’ve struck gold with an app idea? If yes, you got company, plenty of them. Y’all share the same vision, and are hopeful that the said idea is something that addresses a gap in the market, a cutting-edge solution, or a game-changing, never before seen one.

It could be good, it could be bad, but you’ll never know until you build it, turn that idea into an actual app. The problem is, you can’t… Well, most people can’t because of the coding requirement.

Is knowing how to code really a requirement, though? Tara Reed says nope. She’s not techy herself, and yet she’s able to build an app for art collectors called Kollecto.

If you want to learn more about how she accomplished such feat, you’re in luck since she’ll show us how it’s done with her Apps Without Code program. Continue reading for the review.

But before getting into the review…

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What Is Apps Without Code?

A Quick Overview Of The Program

Apps Without Code Reviews

As the name implies, Apps Without Code aims to teach people how to turn their ideas into apps without using any code. No Javascript, no Python, none of that traditional programming languages needed.

It isn’t meant to discourage coding. Rather, it’s to encourage people with no prior coding experience to just build their app first, get it in front of the consumers, and just iterate later.

Starting a new endeavor can be difficult and overwhelming, especially with building apps. If you go the traditional route and use code, the process can leave you in analysis paralysis for months, maybe years even.

That’s not ideal. As Tara Reed mentioned, you just have to get your app out there. You still have the option to make the switcheroo to use code eventually, but that’s a worry for another day. Just do it, just build it.

Don’t sweat yourself creating something perfect at the first try. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and so are brilliant apps. Again, just build it.

Or maaaybe, you can let Tara’s dev team at Apps Without Code build your app on your behalf. That’s another option if you’re willing to pay more for their Full Package Bootcamp.

Oh, and BTW, the Apps Without Code isn’t only about making an app, it’s also about marketing one. In particular, the Apps Without Code Bootcamp is an app building and honing marketing skills program in one.

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About Tara Reed

Apps Without Code Tara Reed

Tara Reed is the CEO of Apps Without Code. She calls herself a non-technical entrepreneur, someone who’s definitely not the Zuckerbergs of startups who write their own code to build their brainchild.

As someone with expertise on digital marketing, she was a product marketing manager at Microsoft for two years, and a board member of Moz for a year. Fast forward to today, besides Apps Without Code, she’s also the current CEO of GrowthSpree Capital.

She used the TEDxDetroit platform as a way to introduce Apps Without Code and, maybe, establish authority in the space. After all, many people erroneously conflate TEDx with TED Talks. (P.S. They’re not the same.)

What Are The Features Of Apps Without Code?

App Building Training

Apps Without Code Modules

Just like every educational programs, you’ll get a core training with Apps Without Code. It’s an eight-week course with step-by-step video instructions and live classes on how to build your unique app.

To get a taste of the course, an interactive lesson that’s free up to level three is posted on the program’s website. Some section requires your input, some makes you watch a video, and some take you to another site.

The variety of tasks is there, which is good to make it engaging, but we don’t like the website building platform they recommend (Way). The need to beat the timer and complete the questionnaire quickly to get access to a free 14-day trial feels icky… Fake scarcity icky.

Anyways, this training approach is something you’ll see on coding courses like Code Ninjas (see Code Ninjas Reviews). The intention is to gamify your learning, make the experience fun, and reward you for pushing through. They’re really tryna spice things up, and we’re here for it.

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Marketing Training

Besides building an app without code, the program also includes a training of what it means to have marketing done right. The goal is to not only build an app you’d love to make, but also something that’ll make you money.

For this, they’ve got a monthly “Website & Brand Strategy” and “Getting Your First Customers” class. Not much info on what topics will be discussed, though. Will they tackle strategies on using paid ads? How about ways to get VC funding? They didn’t tell. Bummer.

Rest Of The Features

Besides the core app building and marketing training, here’s a list of what you’ll get with Apps Without Code’s Half Package Bootcamp:

  • App Mockup
  • Advanced app building lessons (e.g. AI, app integrations) every month
  • Three-hour app strategy and feedback class
  • App templates and guides
  • Access to a community group and startup coach

For the Full Package, you’ll get what’s listed above plus a DFY app and all the extra meetings and sesh. Tutoring, onboarding meeting, app revision meeting, and launch meeting— all done one-on-one.

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Is Apps Without Code Worth It?

Cost Of The Program

Apps Without Code Cost

The cost of App Without Code’s Half Package Bootcamp is a one-time payment of $1,900 ($1,710 with 10% discount applied) or six payments of $380. Then, for the Full Package Bootcamp, it’s a one-time payment of $5,400 ($4,810 discounted price) or six payments of $1,080.

The period for requesting a refund is rather short, at only seven days.

The Positives

I love how some parts of the free interactive lesson provide suggestions and insights about the app idea you entered. It’s not too comprehensive, but it IS something. They’re probably using a GPT model or something similar to generate it.

The gamification aspect of the training is neat. For those who doesn’t have the will to peruse modules when shit is boring, this might be a godsend.

Actually, it depends on one’s preference. It might be too gimmicky for some, but hey, at least Tara’s intention to make learning fun isn’t too shabby. We need more of this, really.

The Negatives

Learning how to make logical statements is already close to learning how to code. The program should be more clear on that, show their student options instead of making them rely on logic-based app building software.

Surely, the less intimidating drag-and-drop way of creating apps might be the best way to start. A lot of universities even use similar learning resources for their introductory CS courses.

However, IMHO, knowing a “proper” programming language or two is still better in the long run. If you want to eventually pivot on making an app with code, then this program is not for you.

In addition, the program might be too pricey for those who don’t give a damn about marketing lessons. Might also be too risky of a purchase for those who believe a seven-day refund period is not enough… Yeah, it’s not enough for us either.

Another negative is the poor website upkeep. For instance, many links posted on the website are already dead, like those related to Kollecto.

Like, okay, we get it, the said app is no more since 2016. But then, they should’ve updated the links, maybe remove it or include a working one. It’s the proof that apps without code works, and we believe that it needs to be featured more.

If not about Kollecto, they should provide more info about Apps Without Code itself, ’cause it’s very lacking. It doesn’t help that there’s not much chatter nor feedback about them online besides the paid PR stuff.

Perhaps, it’s time to include a page for FAQs, maybe a section that exhaustively describes what to expect with the program, or an “About Us” page that’s easily accessible and not buried somewhere in the blogs.

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In summary, we believe that Apps Without Code is a legit program for those who wants to build their unique app without code. It’s not a scam, but we can’t recommend it ourselves, given its Bootcamp’s hefty price and lack of social proof.

Our advice would be to think things through if you’re considering it as your source of income. You have to ask yourself if your idea is indeed brilliant enough to warrant an app. Be realistic since this endeavor entails significant investment yet with no assurance that you’ll get anything back.

Before leaving..

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