Apical Ecom Review

The world of ecom is vast. Through recent years, it has been evolving, the market is getting saturated and the profit margins are getting thinner and thinner every minute. Individuals trying to start their venture in ecom must be creative enough to stand-out in the said industry.

Countless courses and coaching programs are popping out like mushrooms each day claiming that they have the perfect ingredient to be able to succeed in the ecom industry. And because of this, a lot of people are having a hard time deciding what truly works and what doesn’t.

While most ecom companies are averaging only 15% in ROI, here in Apical Ecom, we have a true 65% ROI, per product”, says Kodi. “which is totally insane when talking about e-commerce products”, he continued. In that, brother, I totally believe you. It’s insane because it sounds too good to be true.

But wait, we can’t out the guy just like that. That’s why we’re here, to know more and make a review of what these companies are trying to pitch in. So let’s dive right into it. 

This One’s Much Better

Kodi Brown, the founder and CEO of Apical Consulting. They have been in business for over five years now and they’ve been bringing clients a unique experience on Amazon which he can only describe as innovative and highly profitable. 

Apical Ecom’s focus is trying to build brands that are highly scalable and easily excitable which they call private labels. They build private label stores on Amazon and sell them to you. Private labels are the only business model with consistent and predictable revenue year-round.

We know, per product, how much you’re going to make. And Amazon private label is the only business, when run by a done-for-you service, like Apical Ecom, that’s a 99% fully automated model that generates passive income for you daily.” 

And it runs while you do your main sources of income. Instead of you having to go and do wholesale or some other bad business model, you are favored by Amazon. Amazon sends more traffic on your listings because they want you on the platform, selling private labels, utilizing their warehouses and marketplace.

The reason why we’re able to do 65% is because we have so many different supplier connections, we are packaging all of your shipments together and then sorting it out ourselves, on our dollar in the United States. So you’re able to combine in containers and lower your shipping costs.”

And Kodi said there are more things that contributed to this number, but it is all proprietary information which he can’t say in his sales pitch video. But they were able to replicate the same strategy year-after-year, store-after-store, amazing clients after clients, that yields to what they are today.

There’s also profit sharing in Apical Ecom. They are vested in your success. If you sell, they profit, you profit. It’s a win-win situation. They have skin in the game, they care about you and your store. “We’re gonna help you sell your store, because we’ve done it multiple times with our clients. Your success is our success.” That builds credibility to every business or company out there.

This One’s Much Better

They also offer a three-year buy back guarantee that states that if you don’t make more than your initial purchase after three years of launch, they will buy everything back and pay you the difference. That’s how confident they are in their work.

A guy named Chris shares his experience with Apical Ecom. “I’ve been trying to get into Amazon and FBA space for quite some time, but due to work and implications, I really haven’t had any time to do any research. That’s how I found a full service agency like Apical to get the job done.

They’re good at what they do. They basically do most of the work, with little work remaining on my end. Most important thing of all, they have a fantastic relationship with their manufacturers. I was able to get a 50% margin on my products, and within 10 months, I was able to get full ROI.

To get you started, you will fill out an application that they will assess over a week, maybe. A notification will appear when you get qualified, that will tell you to book a call and eventually talk with a team member on the process.

This One’s Much Better