Andy Elliot Review

Andy Elliot Reviews

Andy Elliot is known to be a car salesman who holds the sales record for the most money ever made by a car salesman in one month at $74,500 and in a year at $715,000. This incredible achievement had earned him as the fastest-growing Automotive Sales Trainer in the nation.

However, despite his success, there seemed to be some controversies surrounding him that I cannot turn a blind eye.

In this review, we would gather all there is to know about Andy Elliot, his company and programs as well as the issues that seemed to be sticking with his name when you look him up on the internet.

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Who is Andy Elliott?

Andy Elliot Reviews

Andy Elliott is a YouTube celebrity, online content creator and the CEO of his own company The Elliott Group, which is known to be the fastest growing and successful Sales Training Company. He is known for sharing sales training advices and educational content on his YouTube channel, named after himself and operating under the username Andy Elliott.

Andy started out selling cars when he was 18. At the time, he immediately realizes the importance of selling with his business. Hence, he participated in sales training with the goal to further hone his skills. And just within months, he became the top sales agent in his company at that time.

With growing vision to take his step much further, he mastered the art of selling and how to close deals smoothly. That was when he broke the record of selling cars more than $700,000 in a year.

He is also married to Jacqueline Andy, also the co-founder of The Elliott Group, who he met while working at a car dealership. Both of them were aces on the field. Jacqueline claim to see Andy’s potential and from there, inspiring her to help him achieve his goal.

Nowadays, Andy heads a successful company focused on providing sales and leadership training. His programs have reached millions of professionals and over 11,000 companies worldwide. His goal is to empower leaders, believing that their growth benefits everyone.

He provides private coaching for chosen executives and holds monthly seminars in Scottsdale, AZ, where he imparts his knowledge to enthusiastic participants. Moreover, he is a highly sought-after speaker at conferences worldwide, advocating for growth and empowerment. Andy’s training programs cater to businesses of all sizes, emphasizing the significance of people and fostering their rapid development.

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What is The Elliott Group?

Andy Elliot Reviews

When Andy and Jacqueline Elliott started The Elliott Group, they aim to build an environment that is not usually encountered elsewhere. They envision a place characterized by a familial atmosphere, where their employees and participants could blend heartfelt interactions with a strong focus on business. They wanted to eliminate negativity at its source and prevent its spread.

Despite being told that their goal is unattainable, they continued to push forward.

The Elliott Group stands out as the fastest-growing sales training company worldwide, established in 2011. the company focuses on empowering professionals to enhance sales and optimize profits across various market conditions.

At first, their target market are sales professionals in the automotive industry. Eventually, The Elliott Group offered a diverse range of products and services, including in-store training, online support, courses, and conferences. In addition, their sales training programs cover areas such as sales consulting, service, finance, internet marketing, business development, branding, and lead generation.

The company’s emphasis on utilizing cutting-edge closing techniques rooted in customer satisfaction and retention reflects its commitment to core values. The Elliott Group believes in nurturing a healthy mind, body, and spirit as integral elements of any successful business operation.

Courses they Offer

Blindspots Training Series: Blindspots is for those dedicated to improving and aiming for excellence, suitable for high performers in sales, entrepreneurship, and leadership. It also covers self-mastery, influence, persuasion, networking, relationships, brand building, body language, and more.

Zero to 100K: In this course, Andy will guide you from the initial stages to achieving $100,000 in car sales, offering valuable insights and strategies along the way.

Advance Overcoming Objections: This sales training equips you to confidently overcome objections, providing advanced techniques to stand out from competitors.

Branding, Marketing and Social Media: This course claims to boosts brand visibility and social media impact, vital for modern business success.

Master Phone Training: Mastering phone sales is crucial. This course equips both seasoned professionals and newcomers with essential skills for confident and consistent deal closures.

100k – 400K Course: Tailored for both seasoned sales professionals striving for six-figure success and ambitious newcomers pursuing lucrative careers in automotive sales, this course caters to diverse goals and aspirations.

Closer Training

First Pencil Closing Technique: This training will help you learn a new way to close deals called the First Pencil Closing technique. You will also discover how to build rapport, handle objections, and create urgency to encourage clients to do something about it.

Elite Pro Finance Training: This program helps finance managers understand important finance topics like gap, warranty, banks, and service contracts. This course is designed to help you succeed in the competitive finance field by giving you the skills you need.

21st Century Elite RV Training: With the rising demand for RVs, it’s important to outshine competitors and excel in RV sales. Andy Elliott’s course provides a modern approach blending traditional sales methods with strategies for today’s buyers.

Guide to 2023 Market Crash Survival: This course will be teaching you about handling the stress of a market downturn. You will learn how to stay calm, make smart decisions, and avoid emotional mistakes that can hurt your finances.

Market Crash Strategy: Safeguarding investments and capitalizing on opportunities is considered crucial in today’s economy. This course equips you with the knowledge and resources to make informed decisions during market downturns.

State Of Emergency Business Plan: The State of Emergency Business Plan is a comprehensive program designed to aid businesses in developing effective strategies to overcome crises. Amidst adversity, businesses must adapt to survive.

Finance Closing & Objections: This course teaches you to lead financial discussions, structure transactions, and finalize deals. With interactive sessions, you’ll learn to handle finance objections, address concerns, and guide prospects to decisions.

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By availing the program (of course depending on how much you are willing to pay), you will also be a part of the following membership.

  • Elite Coaching Mastermind
  • Project 500

However, according to them, if you’re “at the top of your game and the greatest in your circle”, this is the only time that you will be able to join what they call Andy Elliot’s Inner Circle group.

Andy’s Reputation

Amidst the elegance of his program and his background, it seems that there are shady issues that is attached to him. Now, having negative review is very common for people who are in this business. But Andy’s are quite a deal breaker for me.

Unique Requirement for Employees

Andy Elliot Reviews

Andy became viral on social media after posting a video claiming that one the requirements for applicants to be apart of his company is to be ripped, or have six-pack abs.

According to him, it is a sign of discipline and a good sense of routine. It is a way of being civilized and quit settling.

As someone who is a car salesman and a sales trainer, I don’t really see the point of judging people’s perseverance on how many abs one has.

Many even commented that there are people who are tactical, smart and are legit hard worker that doesn’t have six pack abs — which I support 100%!
If his company is all about fitness, I might even understand. Although, a fitness trainer actually commented that his mindset is actually terrible from a fitness perspective.

However, some also backed him up that it is all about setting and living a certain standard.

Andy on the other hand, answered this criticisms by a statement to the New York Post, “I mean, those are people sitting in their mom’s basement, you know, commenting or by the way, or they’re people that are sitting there wishing they could kill it in life, just still making excuses and not taking action.”

As someone who wants to learn sales training, I don’t think I would want to have a mentor like that.

Big Red Dealership

Apparently, Andy was also a part of an infamous million-dollar fraud scheme of Big Red Dealership back in 2019. In this article from Scribd, it was recorded that Andy admitted of being a part of it.

Andy Elliot Reviews

It was also argued if since then, had Andy changed his way? Apparently not.

If you look at the article, there is a screenshot of an airplane posted on Andy’s Facebook with the logo of The Elliott Group. with a caption, “Never let anyone tell you that something is impossible.” There is another photo of the same jet plane, same background and position without the logo of The Elliott Group.

Many in the comment section congratulated him about having a jet of his own to which Andy did not respond. or even corrected that this it might only be an inspiration. This is borderline deception at some point.

There was also comments on Reddit about this case.

Andy Elliot Reviews Andy Elliot Reviews


I can say that his program can really help our both beginners and those who are on the advance level when it comes to selling. But working with this guy is a no-no for me given what seems to be his personality and his history. If I were to invest on something, I want an assurance that I am being accepted and heard and will be assisted professionally.

Besides, there are a lot of other options where you can make money online. If you’re thinking of purchasing his course, you might want to think again.

Before leaving…

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