AltMBA Review

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Seth Godin believes that great leaders are made, not born. A “born” leader is a longstanding myth that holds back some people from living up to their true potential.

He considers it a shame because leadership is powerful. Good leadership can turn the tide of every bad situation anyone can encounter. And a work environment with a good leader can make it more meaningful and rewarding.

Yes. There are no born leaders. But the good news, according to Seth, is that leadership is a skill. And just like any skill, it can learned. And this is why AltMBA is created. Here’s my review.

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What Is AltMBA?

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The AltMBA is a training program where one can learn the skills needed to not only survive, but to excel in any working environment. From what I’ve seen, it’s founded on the basis that activities are a better teacher than theory.

It’s named AltMBA because it provides an alternative to traditional MBA courses. While traditional MBA courses focus on imparting these business skills through lecturing and theories, AltMBA helps you learn these business skills by actually doing them in a series of exercises.

Throughout the entire training program, AltMBA will give you a series of projects that will help you learn creative thinking, work collaboration, engagement, and even leadership skills. The entire workshop also happens online, which still allows real-time coaching and collaboration with a group of students, even when they’re located all around the world.

Basically, AltMBA will push you to become a much better version of yourself, helping you develop your mental, social, and technical skills in an actual working environment. This, in turn, may help get even closer to your goals in life.

Currently, AltMBA has over 3,000 students, in 74+ countries and over 1,000 cities since it was founded. Thus, it’s safe to say that AltMBA has a good worldwide reputation.

Keep in mind, however, that the AltMBA program isn’t a replacement for a real MBA course. The purpose of AltMBA is to ensure that you’re able to apply all the skills that you’ll need to use in a real working environment. It doesn’t really give you the proper credentials that an actual MBA course is going to give you.

So what does this mean? AltMBA may not help in applying for a job. However, it can help you become even better and more productive in your job.

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Who Is Seth Godin?

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Seth Godin is a prominent book author and entrepreneur who sometimes uses the alias “F.X. Nine”. He is also a former dot-com business executive.

As an author, he is credited with writing over 21 books about business. And several of them have become bestsellers in their own right. One of his books that has gained acclaim is the Free Prize Inside, which won the  Forbes Business Book of the Year in 2004.

Other notable books under his authorship were the Purple Cow, which sold over 150,000 copies in more than 23 print runs in its first two years, and The Dip, which was a Business Week and New York Times bestseller. Finally, one of his books, Linchpin, is included in the list of its “20 of the best books by the most influential thinkers in business” by Business Week.

As an entrepreneur, Seth Godin is the founder of Squidoo, a revenue-sharing article writing site (acquired by HubPages in 2014), and Yoyodyne, an internet-based direct marketing company (acquired by Yahoo! in 1998). In addition, Seth became Yahoo!’s direct marketing vice president.

Due to his accomplishments in the field of direct marketing and entrepreneurship, he was inducted into two Hall of Fame categories. In 2013, Seth was inducted into the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame, and in May 2018, he was inducted into the Marketing Hall of Fame.

He founded the AltMBA training program because he believes that traditional MBAs are inefficient and don’t bring great results, because they rely too much on theory. Therefore, he aims to disrupt and challenge the current teaching methods with this course. I won’t blame you if this mindset reminds you of Andrew Tate and his “Real World” program, though there’a little evidence that Seth is affiliated with Andrew in any way.

How Does AltMBA Work?

AltMBA Review - Groups

The entire AltMBA program runs for four weeks, which is a lot shorter compared to traditional MBA courses. While shorter, it’s still quite intensive as 75% of your time there will be spent doing plenty of work and various activities. These activities are intended for students to educate them on various business skills such as leadership, collaboration, communication, etc.

During the course of the four weeks, you’ll be assigned a total of 13 projects that you’ll need to complete in the given timeframe. These projects can range from individual projects to group projects, aimed to teach its students not just skills like critical thinking, collaboration with teammates, and project handling, but also managing criticism and feedback. Once completed, these projects will then be posted on the community page.

Nearing the end of the workshop, you’ll then be given one final project which encompasses everything that you have learned up to that point.

One of the interesting things about AltMBA is that you’ll be rotated to a new group every week. Thus, you’re not going to be with the same people throughout the entire course, yet this could be called an advantage for some people.

Since you’re with a different group each week, and since the workshop also builds your social and collaboration skills, it’s a good opportunity for some people to meet up with fellow professionals and form a network. In fact, many students state this as the main reason why they joined AltMBA.

Furthermore, the ratio between the coaches and the students is 1:10. This ensures a more personalized and highly-interactive coaching process.

How Much Does AltMBA Cost?

The tuition fees for AltMBA have varied through the years, but as of 2020, it’s currently priced at $4,450.

However, AltMBA has also offered some tips on how to reimburse your tuition fees for this course. For example, AltMBA is affiliated with several companies, which include some of the big names in the industry.

AltMBA Affiliated Companies

Many of these companies may suggest some of their employees enroll in this program, and they’ll even pay the tuition fees on their behalf for their enrollment. Thus, if you’re working for these companies, there’s a chance that you can enroll in AltMBA for free.

Final Thoughts: Is AltMBA Worth Joining?

AltMBA Review - Group Work

Due to Seth Godin‘s good reputation, you can say that AltMBA is a high-quality training workshop that’s worth joining. If you’re someone who has read plenty of books from Seth Godin and has learned a thing or two from him, then you may want to join this course to learn even further.

It’s also worth noting that AltMBA graduates have gone on to become quite successful in their careers. They have now worked in prestigious companies and have built successful business careers.

Thus, AltMBA is worth enrolling in. That is, if you can afford the price point.

The only thing that kind of sets me back from this online course is the price of enrolling. At thousands of dollars, not many people can afford it.

Furthermore, you won’t get any certification or qualification once you finish this course. All you’ll get here afterward is increased knowledge, more experience, and highly-developed skills. It would be very nice if AltMBA gives you a Certificate of Completion after this, as it can definitely add some credentials to an employee, and make them more attractive to employers.

So my verdict on this? If you want to enroll in AltMBA, you should do it. But make sure to ask your company first for an endorsement so that you don’t have to pay the expensive enrollment fees.

Otherwise, if you’re just paying for this out of your own money, better avoid this course. Also, don’t even expect to meet Seth Godin here, online or offline.

And more importantly, don’t enroll in AltMBA expecting a certification to add to your credentials. Only a real MBA course can provide that.

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