Allie Boyd Media Review

A lot of people doing their day jobs always think ahead. If they feel like they’ve saved some money from their paychecks, they’ll begin to start thinking about what to do with it. Some can save it for their retirement, some will invest it on properties or they can start a small business, and many more options they can choose from.

Starting a new business isn’t an easy task. It’s not like “I want to sell these kinds of products” and earn the next day, no. There’s a lot of process involved when you decide to start a new business. You need to think of the market, your target audience, how you would let the crowd know, and many more. And it can be a lot more stressful than you thought.

Allie Bloyd made it her mission to help all aspiring business owners have the easiest and fastest process to start one themselves. How will she do that? Find out on my Allie Bloyd Media review below.

This One’s Much Better

Allie is just your typical school girl with big dreams, just wanting to finish her degree and find a stable job that can help her buy all her basic needs. After she finished college, she found herself in a publishing house that focused on trade magazines for local businesses.

It has been her passion to write, design and do marketing to aid aspiring local business owners who needed it but it was never the case when she started. Her boss asked her if she would want to try advertising sales for a brand new magazine that they created for local jewelry stores. 

I thought that selling was the last thing I wanted to do,” says Allie. She is money-driven, and after hearing about the commission potential, she decided to give it a shot. She has tasks to create lead lists, prospecting, cold calling, followup, upselling – any kind of advertising that is long due gone nowadays. 

She did her research and what she has done can revolutionize the marketing space. At that time, social media platforms were in full boom, the start of the rise of their popularity. Allie created her own lead generation using social media and aided it with a CRM to sell prime advertising spots.

To her surprise, she closed hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales in a short period of time using her newly developed strategy. And she almost single-handedly launched a brand new magazine as a result. She expects applause and recognition but it didn’t happen.

What happened is that she’s been reprimanded by the management for not doing the “norm”, the old style of advertising, which is mentioned above. “I always knew that social media is the future of marketing and sales”, Allie said. She didn’t revert back to the old style but instead she persisted to hone her skills to have a bigger influence on the lives of aspiring local business owners worldwide.

She’s been the marketing director of an eight-figure kitchen, bath and remodeling business for five years. Upgrading her skills, experience and strategies is what led her to pinpoint the problems that most local business owners are struggling with to achieve the success that they want.

This One’s Much Better

From then onwards, she made it her mission not just to develop extremely effective marketing strategies that can generate leads, but also to eliminate the gap between marketing and sales, which in time turn the said leads to actual customers. And that’s the birth of Allie Bloyd Media in 2018.

She uses Allie Bloyd Media to share her marketing and sales expertise to help aspiring and present small business owners scale their businesses up to seven figures and beyond. “My experience and skills that I acquired during my run gives me an edge to other marketers out there,” Allie claims.

She offers a 12-month long mentorship called the Local Marketing Mastery, where she helps local business owners build specific marketing systems that fits each and everyone’s needs. It consists of everything a beginner needs to know in building their own businesses.

And the price? Her program costs a whopping $6,000. That’s not just cash, it’s a big sum of money needed in order to avail her services. If you’re still interested but short on cash, they also offer payment options just so that they can cater your needs. She got the experience to help you get where she’s at now, you just need to do your part of hard work.

This One’s Much Better