The Print Sprint Review

While the printer industry faces challenges from digitalization because more and more tasks that a printer can do, can now just be stored and shared in the computers, it still has its own merits. 

You know, printers can be used both in households and in business of all sizes. They are used to print your kids’ assignments, your beautiful memories, a picture of your crush to hang on a wall and many more. In business, they are used to print important documents for safekeeping and such.

And Alison also believes that these same printers can be used as a vessel to start your own creative business. She’s the founder of Print Sprint and she’s willing to share her knowledge that made her a multi-million dollar business owner.

This One’s Much Better

Alison was once a junior high teacher, teaching science and math to her students. She loves her job, yes, but the paycheck? Not so much. She and her husband have a growing family that needs financial support and the paycheck that they both make aren’t enough.

And of course, as a mom, it made more sense to her that being with the kids and staying at home is better, so that she can watch them carefully as they grow up. Even though they’re on a tight budget, she’s enjoying being a mommy than being called Mrs. Prince at school.

As much as any other moms did, Alison also tried to find ways to get a little extra income without sacrificing a lot of time from her day job, with her family and kids. What she got interested in is online selling. They’re all over the place, that’s why it’s easy to learn the basic knowledge of online selling.

First product, buy and sell vinyl sheets for a couple of bucks. It’s a success. The sheets were selling like hell, and her life as an online store owner started right away. Second product, pillowcases, was also a success. Just using a couple hours using the same process as she did with the vinyl sheets. Hitting a million sales, Alison felt that she had created a system that actually worked.

Alison now has the confidence that whatever she does online, it will hit the bucks. So together with her sister, they tried several experiments on how to create a profitable product online. They made one by just using paper and a printer. “During the time we ran the business it paid pretty well too. In fact, it went on to make me 3x more than my old teacher’s salary”, says Alison.

This is for you if you’re busy with a lot of things but still want to have an extra passive income stream, serious about your future because you have goals and dreams to achieve, living out of debt, and have tried things out but nothing seems to work, Alison claims that she can help you.

The Print Sprint workshop is a 3-day hands-on workshop that offers step-by-step training, guided by worksheets to help you confidently create a product that makes profit using paper and a home printer. All without needing an inventory, a large following on social media platforms, and sacrificing your time with your family.

This One’s Much Better

In the workshop, you’ll get three days of online training to help you create your first online product. It’s totally up to you if you want to actively participate or not, but they encourage you to do so. And because you paid for it, why not make the most out of it?

It also has one-on-one text support from a Biz BFF where you can inquire anything you want to ask to help you get unstuck faster and numerous plug-and-play templates that’s already made for you. All of these at the cost of $27. And still, they offer a refund policy if nothing goes well. Smells fishy right?

It’s that cheap because I know that any course that’s as cheap as that, there’s still more to upsell. The system she’s talking about that actually works, she will pitch it in one of those three days. For how much? A couple thousands of bucks I presume.

And it’s distinguishable which products are printed on a good printer and which are not, so maybe the quality of the products differ. If you need better products, buy better printers. And someone on Reddit shared that her templates can be seen anywhere on Etsy stores. So the competition stands out more.

This One’s Much Better