Ali Abdaal Review

Ali Abdaal Review

YouTube and SEO are closely connected because YouTube is basically owned by Google, which is the biggest search engine globally.

It only means that when people search on Google, video results from YouTube normally appears on first page of Google search and this simply boost your visibility online provided that they use the right keywords that matches your videos title, tags and/or description. And by this process, it is more likely to garner increased views.

In addition, putting YouTube videos on your website can improve your website’s SEO. This is because videos can increase user engagement and time spent on the site, which search engines like Google consider when ranking websites.

With Ali Abdaal’s course, it will teach you how to create and monetize a successful YouTube channel.

If you want to learn more about him and the course, you’re in the right review section.

But before getting into the review…

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Who is Ali Abdaal?

Ali Abdaal Review

Ali is a doctor turned to YouTuber, business owner, podcaster and even an author. He was born in Pakistan and later moved to Lesotho before coming back to Pakistan.

In 2003, they moved to the United Kingdom with his mother and brother. He started learning about coding and making money as a freelance web designer at around 12 years old, which helped him support his gaming hobby.

Eventually, he worked as a teaching assistant while studying for a couple of years. After finishing school, he went to the University of Cambridge to study preclinical medicine and psychology. At the same time, he started a business called 6med with his brother. And when he graduated, he continued studying at Cambridge for MBBS and started their website in 2016 and their YouTube channel in 2017.

He worked as a Junior Doctor in the UK’s National Health Service, hoping to specialize in plastic surgery. During this time, he had his first big success with a video about studying for exams and hit milestones on his YouTube channel, reaching 100,000 subscribers in 2018 and 1 million in September 2020.

From then on, he saw a lot of growth, including starting the Part Time Youtuber Academy, an online course that teaches people how to make money with their YouTube channels. Currently, he has 5.31 Million subscribers and 834 videos in his own YouTube channel.

Ali’ Abdaal Courses

Part-Time YouTuber Foundations

Ali Abdaal Review

This is considered to be the kick starter in creating your YouTube Channel under 4 hours.

This course will help people who want to start a YouTube channel by tackling common challenges at the beginning. It helps you figure out what to make videos about and how to start without being scared.

Furthermore, it offers a variety of filming methods, designed for different budgets, including smartphone cameras and various camera setups that you will be needing. It extensively covers key elements like sound and lighting, especially geared towards beginners. By the end, participants will have a clear vision for their videos, along with the skills to handle the entire creation process. They’ll also learn strategies for growing their YouTube channel over time, all while finding enjoyment in the journey.

Price: $1

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Part-Time Youtuber Academy

Ali Abdaal Review

Part-Time YouTuber Academy is a YouTube course that gives step-by-step lesson covering the entire process of creating a personality YouTube channel, content creation, editing videos, making money of it and outsourcing. It uses monetization strategies like AdSense, affiliate marketing, and brand deals which ensures a constant cash flow.

This course is perfect for newbies diving into YouTube who are eager to figure out how to make money from their videos. It is also useful for people who are full-time professionals or business owners. If you are already on YouTube though and just wants to grow your channel, this course can also teach you how to improve your content and get more viewers quickly.

It is composed of 9 modules. Here’s the breakdown:

1st Module: Mostly talks about how to find the perfect niche for you whether it is about a specific business or something about doing what you love. This part will also talk about two ways on how to make videos, the architect and archaeologist methods, and will help you decide which one fits you best.

2nd Module: This part will  helps you see where you can stand out. Being unique is super important in order to get people to notice you.

3rd Module: Module 3 will teach you about finding fresh ideas in your niche so you always have stuff to make videos about. It helps you sort out your thoughts and make a list of ideas for future videos.

4th Module: This module will teach you how to create catchy and incredible titles. Having an intriguing title for your video would definitely sparking curiosity which in turn, attract viewers. You will learn a step-by-step guide on creating captivating titles and as well as useful techniques to captivate your target audience.

5th Module: Module 5 focuses on making attention-grabbing thumbnails to attract audience in watching your video. Here, you will learn how to make such thumbnails, giving it a special style, so folks can easily recognize your brand.

6th Module: Module 6 explores the importance of improving your watch time on YouTube as well as introducing the HIVES framework to achieve this goal. It provides detailed instructions for maintaining viewer engagement and increase watch time through captivating content creation.

7th Module: This module talks about making your YouTube channel successful in the long run, even if you are doing it part-time. This section will teach you how to connect with your audience in a genuine way to keep them coming back as well as how to make interesting videos that people enjoy watching and how to feel confident on camera.

8th Module: You will be taught how to maximize the value of your content by using clever strategies. It introduces the Idea Generation Machine, a tool that helps you come up with ideas for your content quickly which will save you time. This part gives detailed advice on writing scripts that are engaging and impactful. It also talks about ways to bring new ideas to old content to encourage creativity. In addition, it suggests hiring expert freelancers to help with content creation to can save time while keeping the quality, high.

9th Module: This is the last part of the course offers various ways on how to make your channel bigger and earn more money. It talks about making money in different ways, like through ads, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing. You will also learn about selling your own stuff to your viewers as well as managing tips on managing your channel as it grows.

Price: $995

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Part-Time YouTuber Accelerator

Ali Abdaal Review

The Part-Time YouTube Accelerator is a 12-month program that combines the most important parts of Part-Time YouTuber Academy that includes support through Slack from Ali’s team. Their goal is to offer individuals world-class educational resources and expert guidance to support their journey. They want to build a tight group of ambitious creators and give them everything they need to grow on YouTube. Also, they want to make a supportive community where people don’t have to go through it all by themselves anymore.

According to their website, during the course, you will learn mostly from Ali’s experience in growing a huge YouTube channel and making lots of money. There is over 20 hours of course stuff to go through, so you definitely have plenty to learn.

In addition, you can send your videos to the instructor’s team to get feedback within a whole year, and make them better. You will also eb invited to join a private group where you can chat with other creators like you and get help from the team whenever you need it. Lastly, there are Q&A calls every month with the Ali himself, where you can ask any questions you have.

Price: $4,995


A 30-day money-back guarantee is available for all products provided that the participant has completed the course.


Part-Time YouTuber is definitely a course that provides you comprehensive understanding on how to make your video standout on YouTube. However, this may not be the best option for people who are not comfortable being on camera.

Also, going through the modules, it seems that the price of $995 and $4995 is a bit much. Some of it are quite common sense, except of course, for the part where there is a tool involved, which is actually a good score but overall, it is something that I personally would not spend money fore.

There’s creativity in each people. Making content and ideas often roots from one’s imagination and I think it is something that is already innate with us. We just have to find the right inspiration.

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