AI Profits Course Review

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Chase Reiner has been known as an SEO expert since Day One. He has developed several SEO strategies that have worked well for him, and he shares his insights about SEO through his various programs.

Recently, however, he has become an advocate of AI. He has been using his internet marketing knowledge, combined with AI programs such as ChatGPT, to make money online. And he seems to have plenty of success in doing so.

He says that AI isn’t the enemy, it’s only a tool that you can use to earn money if you know how to do it. That’s why he has been sharing his knowledge of how to use AI in internet marketing through his channels. Read on for my AI Profits Course review.

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What Is The AI Profits Course?

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The AI Profits Course is an online course that teaches you how you monetize the AI trend. Essentially, you will be taught how you can take advantage of the AI tools, such as ChatGPT, that have been going around the internet, and use them to build and grow your affiliate marketing business.

The course has a particular focus on making short-form content (for example, short videos on Tiktok), and driving traffic on them, usually by posting them on various social media platforms. Once you’ve done that, you’ll then learn how you can use AI automation tools to run your marketing campaign.

Online software that takes advantage of AI technology, such as ChatGPT and various bots, has been going around the internet for some time now. While they do increase productivity for some people, many of them still fail to take full advantage of it, especially when it comes to making money online.

Furthermore, ever since Tiktok became popular, short-form videos have become a trend. To the point that the other major social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, even YouTube) have begun introducing short-form videos as part of their content.

Thus, short-form videos has become a necessary part of any marketing campaign. And The AI Profits Course aims to assist you with that.

The course will teach you some strategies on creating content suitable for your marketing campaign and automating the process using AI tools

Aside from the training, The AI Profits Course also has an affiliate program, wherein you can promote and sell the course, and once a successful purchase is made, you get a commission. However, you first need to enroll in the course for you to become an affiliate.

Of course, some people may think, that due to this affiliate program, most of the strategies and even tools here may be designed with selling this online course in mind. However, the creator repeatedly reassures us that the training here can work with almost any product or service that you wish to be an affiliate of.

The Creator Of The AI Profits Course

Chase Reiner  is the creator and chief mentor of the AI Profits Course.

As previously mentioned, Chase Reiner is an internet marketer and SEO expert. He even claims that he’s the “highest-rated SEO Consultant”, according to Google. But aside from what is revealed on his own website, there’s little evidence online that can support this claim.

He claims that he started internet marketing and SEO in a tiny garage which also functioned as his own home. And after seeing the potential of SEO and how he’s doing good in it, he decided to drop out of high school to become a full-time internet marketer.

It seems to work in his favor, as he’s now earning around forty-thousand dollars per year, per his claim. He attributes this to his skill in SEO.

Recently, however, he said that he has quit doing SEO, and now focuses his method on using AI tools to make money online. His current YouTube channel has also switched its focus from SEO to AI marketing.

Other than the information he publicly revealed on his website, not much of his personal life is revealed. No one even knows where he studied, yet we can safely say that he doesn’t have a degree of any sort, since he did say that he quit high school.

Also, his net worth isn’t publicly revealed on any platform. Thus, it’s difficult to make an estimate of it due to the very limited amount of personal information that he shares.

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AI Profits Course: Content Overview

The AI Profits Course consists of a total of 9 modules. Out of these, 6 of those modules comprise the main training, while the remaining 3 act as supplemental materials to the main course.

Overall, the course contains 65 videos worth of training. In addition, you’ll also be given access to over 40 different AI tools (both free and paid), and a library’s worth of swipe files.

Here’s a brief description of what you can expect from the 6 main modules of the AI Profits Course.

Module 1: Building Your System

As with most online courses, the first module serves as an introduction to this course, essentially telling you what this course is all about.

The module will also introduce students to the concept of AI tools, how they can be beneficial to your internet marketing campaign, and a few steps on how you can build your business system (hence, the name).

Module 2: Short-Form Content

Short-form content is basically what it says, content that doesn’t take too long to read and watch. Tiktok, with its videos that don’t last up to 10 minutes, popularized the concept, and has since been replicated by other social media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Short-form content is still important in marketing because most people on social media have short attention spans. More than likely, they will just skim over some posts until they find one that interests them. Thus, a good short-form content is something that can capture the attention of the viewers within just a few minutes.

In this module, you are going to learn the principles of developing excellent short-form content for traffic automation in this segment of the course.

Module 3: Building An Opt-In And Closing Your Traffic

The third module can be considered one of, if not the. most important element in this online course. Because this one now deals with lead generation.

Here, you’ll learn how you can build a list, collect leads from visitors, and ultimately convert them into sales. More importantly, you’ll also be taught here how you can increase the relevant traffic that you receive to your websites.

Module 4: Contact Forms

Contact forms are another important part of an online marketing campaign and lead generation. By utilizing contact forms on your website, you’ll be able to collect even more leads and build your list even more.

This module will teach you the process of establishing an automated campaign utilizing contact forms and AI from the ground up.

Modules 5 & 6: Social Media Automation

These two modules are complementary to each other and discuss almost the same thing. As the name states, these modules will teach you how to automate your social media marketing.

This will be accomplished through the use of AI bots and other AI tools. By using these AI tools, you will be able to generate a considerable amount of engagement across all social media platforms and, eventually, drive traffic to your products.

And with the proper setup, you may not even need to constantly check up on your marketing dashboard so often because most of the engagement will be handled by AI.

AI Profits Course: Pricing

Currently, the AI Profits Course costs $601 if you’re going to pay in full. There’s also an option to pay in monthly installments if you wish, which will cost you $216 per month. However, this will increase the overall price of the course to $800, making it even more expensive.

Also, the AI Profits Course doesn’t offer any refund option, which is a letdown.

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Does The AI Profits Course Work?

AI Profits Course Review

To better understand if the AI Profits Course is going to work for you, let’s ask first the question: Can artificial intelligence technology help you out in internet businesses?

For me, I would say yes, and no. But I’m leaning more on the no.

Yes. AI can be useful for generating content ideas. For example, copywriters can take advantage of some AI tools so that they don’t have to think too much about what they can write. It can also be useful for correcting spelling and grammar mistakes, and for changing their writing tone.

But that’s about it. If you’re going to rely on bots and other AI tools for your marketing campaigns, then you have a higher chance of failure.

That’s because, Google is highly intolerant of AI content. Google now has algorithms that can determine if said content is AI-generated or not, especially when it comes to text content. If they ever detect that your website heavily uses AI-generated content, it could severely hurt your SEO.

Ironic, considering that Chase Reiner claims to be an SEO expert before.

Also, AI technology is still a ways off before it can even be useful as a moneymaking tool. The technology is still in its infancy, and there will be lapses when you rely too much on AI bots.


Just to be clear, nothing is wrong with trying out different ways to make money online. And there’s nothing wrong if some businesses intend to use AI as tools.

However, relying too much on AI can be quite dangerous. Because what AI lacks right now is creativity and the ability to connect with your intended customers.

Thus, I don’t think Chase Reiner’s claim that he can make thousands or millions of dollars using AI bots is true. If anything, he’s only earning money through the courses that he sells and the content that everyone views.

I think he should’ve just stuck on SEO.

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