Agent Elite Review

Real estate is one if not the biggest industry with the most number of agents in the whole world. There are a lot of companies popping out like mushrooms claiming that they have the best strategies or methods that will let you succeed in this kind of industry.

Justin Hansy, CEO and Nick Reis, COO are the founders of Agent Elite in 2012. “It’s definitely been a fun journey by all means”, says Nick. They met each other way past the establishment of Agent Elite, in a clothing industry. Justin graduated with a degree in BS Computer Science and moved to San Diego because he got sick of shoveling snow.

Justin started in the real estate industry after he graduated. He got his real estate license and joined a real estate agency. He did all of the marketing and website stuff for them for three years until the 2008 collapse.

After that incident, he just went and built his own web development business. He did web services for any business around his area that needed his expertise.

This One’s Much Better

Nick on the other hand, came from Seattle, and also moved to San Diego, and his reason is “I think everybody moves to San Diego because of the sun. Once you come down, you never go back.”, and laughed. He has a 15-year background in the real estate market.

During Nick’s time working for his first company where he got promoted as Business Development Manager, he felt there is a huge need in regards to websites and marketing in general. As the market transitions, so as everything. From the way you market during the day to doing marketing using the internet in general.

It was always his passion to offer luxury service, a website that has SEO fully integrated into it, and a full marketing and support coaching. “In my years in the industry, agents have a hard time knowing what works and what doesn’t, especially with all these companies just trying to close a deal.”, says Nick in dismay. 

Throughout countless hook-ups and disconnections for these two lads, it seems to be fate that got them back together. One with the expertise in web development, marketing strategies and the other with the passion and experience with real estate, and Agent Elite was born.

Nick Reis says, “I can’t tell you how many times in the 15 years that I’ve been doing this. Agents, all they care about is leads. Well yes, leads are important, however, we have to get back to the basics and we have to have a clear understanding of how we actually go about getting leads.

The challenge with today is that there are so many tech and marketing companies out there. They’re selling agents on this big old dream that life is gonna be great. Buy this and just kind of sit back and make that money. Well, friends, I’m here to tell you that’s BS.

This One’s Much Better

And if it was that easy, if all we had to do was sit back and buy this one program, have this one website and just make the money. If that was the case then none of us would be selling marketing, or websites. We would all be in the real estate business. 

So We’ll go back to the basics, traffic, but we’re also gonna talk about marketing in general. What it comes down to is traffic ease equals leads. Everyone tries to make this more than what it is, but just having a website alone is not gonna make you money.

And as a realtor, almost 80% of your job is to market yourself. It’s to get exposure. Exposure is key in this industry. We hear it time and time again. We’re gonna fill you in on some secrets that other companies don’t want you guys to know about.”

That’s a brief introduction on what Agent Elite offers that can help you with your journey to become a successful real estate agent. It’s not just about building websites. It’s a next generation platform that enables real estate professionals to sell more homes, by transforming their websites into a marketing machine.

They also offer additional services like, content creation, managing and creating Facebook Ads, reputation management and many more. There’s no mention of the cost. Book a call with one of their specialists to know more by providing your name, phone number and email on their website.

This One’s Much Better