Affluent Academy Review

Today, we will be looking into Affluent Academy, and through my research, I bring this to you today: a Affluent Academy review.

My experience with The Affluent Academy was disappointing and irritating, despite their claims of a thorough program and CPD Certification. At $947, the course represents a substantial financial outlay, made much more so by the extra expenses for required social media promotion. Even while the course material was vast, it sometimes felt repetitious and lacked depth in important areas like ROI tactics and ad development.

I found Jordan Platten’s teaching approach to be unengaging, and the resources were mostly ineffective. The Facebook group was supposed to be a place for networking and support, but it was largely empty.

For newbies who should be concentrating on learning the fundamentals and getting their first clientele, the course’s emphasis on quick success and sophisticated tactics like automation and scalability looked impractical and out of date.

What annoyed me the most about the course was the hidden charges. A major financial obstacle faced by newcomers was the ongoing requirement for paid advertisements and software subscriptions, which quickly accumulated in addition to the membership price.

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What is Affluent Academy?

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Established by Jordan Platten, the Affluent Academy provides an extensive and captivating curriculum aimed at assisting you in launching your own social media marketing company. This course is unique because of how well-structured it is and how many excellent resources are available to students.

The main aim of The Affluent Academy is to provide you with the necessary information and abilities to effectively sell different brands and enterprises. A wide range of strategies, tactics, and internet resources for drawing in and keeping customers will be covered. The idea is simple: using a variety of digital marketing techniques, assist companies in reaching their goals and increasing sales.

Popular YouTuber Jordan Platten walks you through the process of starting and growing a profitable social media agency or digital marketing company. His advice is applicable to both physical and online organizations, with an emphasis on increasing traffic and leads in order to hit sales goals.

After completing this course, you are promised to be capable and confident enough to work with various businesses to develop marketing strategies that work and yield real results. In addition to teaching you how to launch a marketing agency, The Affluent Academy also shows you how to support other companies’ digital transformation to guarantee your agency’s expansion and prosperity.

Who is Jordan Platten?

Affluent Academy Review - Jordan Platten

Jordan Platten is a well-known author, keynote speaker, and digital marketing specialist from the UK. His remarkable career path in the field of digital marketing is highlighted on his LinkedIn page, which has made him a prominent person in the field.

Jordan started a highly profitable marketing company when he was just 23 years old, and it expanded fast to become a six-figure enterprise with clients all over the world. His astounding success at such a young age is evidence of his knowledge and creative use of internet marketing.

Jordan made the decision to give up the stressful corporate world in order to live a more flexible and independent existence. Because of this, he was able to drastically cut down on the number of hours he worked each week. His ability to serve others is now his main emphasis, which is what he genuinely loves to do.

Jordan is committed to enhancing the lives of others, and he has made it his mission to help aspiring business owners discover better, more effective ways to accomplish their objectives. Hundreds of aspirant company owners have been enabled to achieve professional success and improved quality of life by him, thanks to his advice and encouragement. Jordan’s tale serves as an encouraging illustration of how tenacity and enthusiasm may result in both personal and professional fulfillment.

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Affluent Academy Overview

Being one of the select few programs with CPD Certification, The Affluent Academy is a testament to its high caliber and professional development standards. This accreditation guarantees that participants receive worthwhile and acknowledged training and is a testimonial to the caliber and intensity of the course.

The course is divided into ten in-depth lessons plus an extra bonus segment. This additional section provides priceless insights into various advertising tactics on popular social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Writing social media marketing contracts that work for your business and your clients is another essential skill for digital agency professionals to have.

Here is a brief overview of the modules included in the Affluent Academy course:

Module 1: Laying Your Mental Foundation
Start by building the right mindset essential for success in digital marketing.

Module 2: The Launch Sequence
Learn the step-by-step process of launching your digital marketing agency.

Module 3: Sales Prospecting
Discover effective methods for identifying and reaching out to potential clients.

Module 4: How To Secure Meetings
Gain strategies for setting up meetings with prospects to discuss their needs.

Module 5: How To Close Clients
Master the art of closing deals and securing clients for your agency.

Module 6: The Science Of Getting Results
Understand the techniques for delivering successful outcomes for your clients.

Module 7: The Science Of Ad Creation
Learn the fundamentals of creating compelling advertisements.

Module 8: Skyrocketing Return On Investment
Explore advanced strategies to maximize ROI for your clients’ campaigns.

Module 9: Mastered Strategies
Dive into expert-level tactics for optimizing your marketing efforts.

Module 10: 7-Figure Agency Scaling & Automation Systems
Discover how to scale your agency and implement automation for efficiency.

Module 11: Bonus Lessons
Access additional lessons that provide further insights and advanced tips.

With the goal of giving you the tools you need to thrive and expand in the cutthroat world of digital marketing, The Affluent Academy provides a comprehensive and hands-on education in the field.


For $947, you may purchase The Affluent Academy, which gives you lifetime access to a thorough course meant to assist you in launching and expanding your own company. Given the complexity and scope of the curriculum, the Affluent Academy offers a great value even though the fee may appear high.

This course isn’t your average training regimen; it pushes you to pursue excellence and is interesting and intellectually demanding. You will stay motivated and focused throughout the course of your learning because of the interactive aspect of the curriculum.

It’s crucial to realize that the first course cost is only a portion of the total amount needed, though. Apart from the $947 tuition cost, you will also need to budget for sponsored content on social media. Building a successful digital marketing business requires turning prospective leads into paying clients, which is where this expense comes in.

These additional fees can be difficult for you to afford, depending on your job level and financial condition right now. To get the most out of the lessons taught at the Affluent Academy and to put successful marketing methods into practice, it is imperative to budget for these costs.

In spite of these things, the Affluent Academy is a worthwhile investment in your future. This course can eventually assist you in creating a successful business by providing you with the abilities and information required to successfully navigate the digital marketing environment.

You may review the content as much as necessary thanks to the lifetime access, which enables you to improve and hone your marketing tactics over time.

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Final Verdict – Affluent Academy Review

Let’s start by discussing the pricing. It’s a substantial investment at $947. You do really receive lifelong access, but that comes with a one-time fee. The course necessitates more spending on social media promotion in order to turn leads into paying customers. These expenses can easily mount up and become prohibitive for someone who is just starting out.

Even though the modules were well-structured, they frequently seemed repetitious and lengthy. Despite Jordan Platten’s obvious expertise, I did not find his teaching manner to be engaging. Even though the information was vast, there were certain parts where it was shallow. The parts on ROI tactics and ad design, for example, felt more like high-level synopses than in-depth analyses of the nuances of digital marketing.

In addition, the prospect of creating a prosperous digital marketing business seemed unduly optimistic. The course presents an idealized image of quick achievement, but that is not how things actually work out. The education didn’t fully prepare me for the inevitable obstacles and failures that come with building a business; these things require time, work, and tenacity.

The support system, or rather its absence, is another crucial factor. Despite the course’s claims of providing instruction and community support, I found both to be lacking and frequently unresponsive. The Facebook group remained largely idle, despite its intended role as a central location for networking and troubleshooting. When I did get replies, they weren’t very helpful and were really general.

Moreover, it seemed early to emphasize automation and scale. Like me, a lot of people are just trying to gain their first few customers and learn the fundamentals. It seemed like putting the wagon before the horse to leap to sophisticated tactics.

Lastly, the irritating thing about the course was its hidden expenses. After the initial cost, the ongoing expenses for software subscriptions, sponsored advertisements, and other tools rapidly mounted up. For newcomers, this financial burden may be a major obstacle.

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If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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