Affiliate Millionaire Review

Affiliate marketing is when you team up with companies to sell their stuff. A term called referral links are shared with your family, friends, followers or to people who visit your website. If they buy something using that unique link of yours, you’ll be able to get commissions out of it.

The business model has been gaining popularity as of recent and Andrew Fox’s Affiliate Millionaire program claims to be a game changer in the said industry. On their website, they arguably tell you that their program offers a new and improved method of using paid traffic to generate more sales and commissions. 

Before knowing more about what the Affiliate Millionaire program has to offer, let’s look first into the man who established it, Andrew Fox. We both know that time is relevant, so you might not want to continue reading if you found out that he’s bad news. Not that I mind since it’s my job after all. I’ll still write about it whether it’s good or bad. So let’s dive right into it.

This One’s Much Better

Andrew Fox is already a seasoned entrepreneur in the internet and affiliate marketing world. He gained recognition for his success in the said industry for offering courses and products that teach others how to succeed in the field. If you’re familiar with Amasuite: Amazon Affiliate Marketing Software, he’s also associated with it.

There’s not just one, but two people behind Affiliate Millionaire, and the other one is Thomas Owen. Thomas decided to quit his 9 to 5 job and redirected all of his attention to affiliate marketing. The two lads had already worked hand-in-hand back in the days. Numerous brainstorming sessions until they’ve hit the gold. 

But they were not gonna keep the gold all to themselves, that’s why they decided to share it online so that everyone could have a piece. And that’s the birth of the Affiliate Millionaire program. Based on other sites, they’ve already generated more than $1.5 million in commissions.

I think the current Internet Marketing Community was getting saturated with ‘copycat’ eBooks and people were just getting sick of the hype”, says Fox. “They didn’t know who to trust.”

Affiliate Millionaire is a program created for people who want to learn and earn money through affiliate marketing. This digital training comes with the A to Z guide about affiliate marketing to help all affiliate marketers. 

What’s good about it is that it is said to be beginner friendly. You won’t have any trouble using the system because it comes with simple, step-by-step instructions. Your ads will be seen by the intended audience and will convert incredibly well thanks to it.

In the program, they’ll teach you how to pick the right product since it’s the most crucial thing in affiliate marketing. It is the deciding factor that determines the niche and overall scope of your business. 

Next thing is they will guide you on how to generate good traffic. Generating traffic is essential to increase your sales and customers. After generating good traffic, the next thing you need to have is a landing page. 

This One’s Much Better

You may send visitors to your landing page, where they may convert into potential buyers, by increasing the traffic and views on your targeted pages. And before you know it, you’re already earning bucks through commissions in affiliate marketing.

During the soft launch of this program, they offer limited copies of physical products that comprise of 7 DVD modules, professional crafted workbooks, mastermind blueprints, relevant powerpoint slides, “to do” pdfs that sort of like homework, templates and many more. All at the cost of only $39. 

The said modules will allow you to gain more in-depth knowledge on each of the major things affiliate marketers will need to know before they can begin their affiliate marketing career. It also comes with bonuses in the form of a software, a book, a youtube guide and a club card that serves as a pass to gain access to the affiliate millionaire community.

The point of working online is to have more time spent for yourself, family and friends, and that’s the aim of their program. According to the Affiliate Millionaire scheme, you can ostensibly build a company that brings in ROIs between 345% and 507% while at the comfort of your homes.

Even if you start thinking that the program is not for you, worry not since they offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

This One’s Much Better