Affiliate One Review

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James Fawcett emphasizes the importance of having a side hustle in this day and age. For example, the costs of rent and basic utilities are getting quite high right now, and it seems that it’s not going to go down in the foreseeable future.

Not to mention that the prices of goods and services are also rising. Inflation is something that all of us have to deal with everyday.

And that is what James is offering right now. A meaningful side hustle that even has the potential to earn more than what a day job can offer. Keep on reading for my AffiliateOne review.

But before getting into the review…

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What Is Affiliate One?

Affiliate One

Affiliate One is an online course about affiliate marketing. It’s a training program that teaches individuals everything they need to know to build an affiliate marketing business, and how they can earn money from it.

While the online course contains lessons typical of an internet marketing course, its primary strategy seems to lean more into e-mail marketing using solo ads. Solo ads are basically e-mail marketing campaigns wherein one uses an e-mail list from a different company.

Basically, an affiliate marketer can create an e-mail copy that contains the sales pitch and the affiliate link for their product. Then, they pay a company who has a list of relevant e-mails suitable for their niche to “rent” their list and send marketing e-mails to them.

In this way, the marketer has the advantage of being able to effective use e-mail marketing even when they themselves don’t have a huge e-mail list. Also, it allows them to build their own e-mail list, using the leads that they purchased from the company.

As with other affiliate marketing courses, Affiliate One also has its own affiliate program in place for its members. This means that a member can promote Affiliate One through their own affiliate link. And when someone buys the course through their affiliate link, they would also get a commission.

The Affiliate One claims to be a system that’s easily accessible to marketers of all levels, especially for beginners.

However, while affiliate marketing can be quite profitable, it’s highly advisable for marketers to be an affiliate for these digital products.

Because right now, it’s a saturated enterprise. A lot of people like you right now are selling and promoting affiliate marketing courses that don’t really differ too much in terms of content. Thus, while commissions are possible to be earned, they won’t be as high as this program claims to be.

It’s also worth nothing that there are only a very few number of affiliate marketing courses who, for me, are worthy of being promoted and an affiliate of. Affiliate One, however isn’t part of that list.

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Who Is James Fawcett?

James Fawcett is the creator of the Affiliate One program. He is usually known as the “Breakout CEO” due to his reputation as an internet marketer.

James Fawcett 1

An Australian native, he relocated to the USA with his family in 2015. While he was already living well-off when he was in Australia, earning six figures as an Australian government employee, he was not so lucky when he moved to the States.

He was not able to find a job that had the same salary level as his previous one. Thus, James started selling various products, among other things. This is also the time when he started to discover affiliate marketing, eventually making a career out of it.

Today, James Fawcett is a full-time affiliate marketer, and is known to others as one of the “super affiliates”. He has created his primary training program, the Breakout CEO, to teach other people all about internet marketing.

Interestingly, he’s quite active on the WarriorPlus platform, where his digital products are prominently featured. Because the WarriorPlus platform is full of digital online courses that are either total scams or of very poor quality.

In fact, a lot of internet marketers on the WarriorPlus platform constantly crank out online courses there to sell, use various marketing methods such as “launchjacking” to promote their products, then when there’s no money to earn from it anymore (i.e. when no one buys the course anymore), they quietly shut it down, and then launch a new digital course (with the same content usually). Wash, rinse, repeat.

Since James Fawcett is an active affiliate in WarriorPlus, he may or may not be using these marketing methods extensively. It also means that Affiliate One could be just one of his digital courses that will be withdrawn support, once its affiliate program stops earning money anymore. It’s also quite possible that Affiliate One is just a front end for James’ real program, which is the Breakout CEO (very likely).

Thus, he could be considered similar to other internet marketers such as Jono Armstrong.

Affiliate One: Pricing And Inclusions

Front End ($17)

The front end is the main course content of Affiliate One. This is where individuals will learn the basics of internet marketing, affiliate marketing, as well as the strategy behind solo ads.

As is, the front end is enough for people who just want to learn affiliate marketing and its basics. But users can also avail of their add-on, the 70k in 30 Days Secrets & Fast Start Guide, priced at $9.95.

As the title says, the frontend add-on explains James Fawcett’s strategy on how he’s able to earn around $70,000 in just 30 days. It’s said that the key to this lies in his business core values.

Furthermore, Affiliate One also offers various “upgrades” which claim to expand the frontend course and give it more strategies and features. These upgrades are available as upsells whenever one joins the Affiliate One program.

Upsell 1: Fast Cash Accelerator ($37)

According to the website description, this “upgrade” contains the exact assets and strategies James uses to convert their subscribers into buyers, regardless of any affiliate offer at a faster rate, for more commissions.

Judging from this description, it can be assumed that this contains plenty of advanced internet marketing strategies, covering beyond those of the basic course.

Upsell 2: DFY Package ($197)

As the name states, this is the Done-For-You offer from Affiliate One. This package may let users earn money in affiliate marketing, without having to do it themselves. Since it’s all “Done-For-You”.

This means that everything, including the sales funnel, the website, the affiliate product, how to drive traffic, everything will be handled by the Affiliate One team. All you have to do is to set up your affiliate account, and possibly collect the earnings as your affiliate link gets sales.

Upsell 3: 10x Auto-Commission Multiplier ($67)

Based on the website description, this could simply be an “enhanced” version of the Done-For-You affiliate marketing system being promoted previously. The description also implies it could be a combination of the contents of Upsell #1 and Upsell #2.

Upsell 4: VIP Inner Sanctum ($197)

Purchasing this upsell will give members access to live weekly coaching calls by the mentors of Affiliate One, or even James Fawcett himself. It’s also assumed that this upsell will also give individuals access to a private online group consisting of fellow students under James Fawcett.

Upsell 5: Super Reseller Lite ($97)

Joining the Affiliate One course will automatically give members the privilege of being an affiliate of James Fawcett, regardless of upsell level. Thus, they’ll be able to earn commissions by promoting James’ digital products (including Affiliate One itself).

This upsell, however, gives affiliates the opportunity to earn bigger commissions, by increasing the percentage of the commission they earn after a successful sale through their affiliate link.

In addition, if an Affiliate One affiliate reaches 100 sales, they’ll automatically earn an additional fixed rate of $500.

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Final Thoughts: Is Affiliate One Worth It?

James Fawcett 3

I’m very familiar with the WarriorPlus platform, and based on what I’ve seen there, most of the digital products being sold there tend to have poor quality. While there are some who are worth looking into, a majority of them aren’t.

As I mentioned before, the low quality of these digital courses is intentional. It’s because they only serve as a front to get these people to join the actual program of the guru, which is a lot more expensive than the original course itself.

James Fawcett’s AffiliateOne is no exception to this rule. Thus, I would suggest that you don’t pick up this course at all.

While the original course may look cheap, you’ll be forced to buy all of the upsells eventually because the “front end” alone is severely lacking in content quality. And this will lead to you eventually spending much more money.

Besides, the educational content contained in AffiliateOne isn’t anything special. Most of them can be found in free sources around, so there’s no need to shell out any money if you want to learn affiliate marketing.

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This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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