Affiliate Marketing Boss Review

You can be an affiliate and earn big bucks while leveraging the rampant popularity of the social media platforms we have in today’s generation. That’s what Chad Bartlett believes and he has made tons of money using them.

Affiliate Marketing Boss will teach you all the necessary information and use the tools needed in achieving success with affiliate marketing and his so called “mini digital assets”. This Affiliate Marketing Boss review will dissect each and every information that may help you decide whether to sign up with them or not.  

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Affiliate Marketing Boss Overview

Affiliate Marketing Boss

Affiliate Marketing Boss will help you get out of the 9-5 hell hole, become your own boss and start earning significant amounts of money day by day, month by month. It is with the help of what Chad Bartlett discovered, mini digital assets.

He calls Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and the likes your digital assets, a platform where you can post contents about the niche that you have picked, drive traffic and eventually lead them to your landing page. That’s how you’ll earn commissions, without even having to show your face.

Chad even summarized everything you need into 5 simple steps in making it big by becoming an affiliate marketer. 

Step 1: Choose your niche

Step 2: Choose your product

Step 3: Choose a digital asset that you want to focus on

Step 4: Build a proper sales funnel

Step 5: Follow up

But we will elaborate this further in his program called the Affiliate Marketing Boss Bootcamp which is now on its 3rd version.

About Chad Bartlett

Chad Bartlett

Chad Bartlett is from California. He decided to drop out of college when he knew that he could make money through affiliate marketing. The first month that he found out about it, he never knew he’d be making $5,000/month.

He continued finding new strategies and methods every single day because he’s aware that our technology is constantly changing every single day. He discovered a new way to do affiliate marketing that’s faster and easier than the traditional way, and that’s when he established Affiliate Marketing Boss Bootcamp version 1 in 2021.

Chad is confident to say that you don’t need money to start with this kind of affiliate marketing but even a complete beginner can still implement, in any niche that you choose and will still produce results and help you earn income in just weeks.

As of writing this review, Chad Bartlett’s focus is directed towards helping people get started with affiliate marketing with the use of mini digital assets in AMB Bootcamp version 3, and posting affiliate marketing contents once a week on his YouTube channel which now has 131K subscribers.  

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Affiliate Marketing Boss Bootcamp

Affiliate Marketing Boss Bootcamp

Affiliate Marketing Boss (AMB) Bootcamp is now on its 3.0 and Chad still uses his mini digital assets strategy because it is still where most people are into when they’re in front of their mobile phones or computers, the social media platforms.

It is an 8-week bootcamp where you’ll be taught different lessons each week, give you interactive activities so that you can implement what you’ve learned during that week and many more.

Week 1: The Affiliate Marketing 3.0 Ecosystem

They’ll introduce you to affiliate marketing and how you’ll make money with it. You will discover their all-new traffic source, with real time implementation, showing you how quickly it is to earn income with their strategy. 

It also includes a representation of their so-called “mini brands”, where you can build them one by one until you’ve built yourself a digital empire. These are designed to generate commissions long-term that will provide you with a consistent stream of income. 

Week 2: Automated Affiliate Funnels 

These automated affiliate funnels are designed to streamline the process of lead generation and sales that will allow you to earn passive income on autopilot. 

They have a comprehensive framework that will allow you to create high-converting opt-in pages and bridge videos, and they will be showing you real-life examples that have already generated significant revenue in the past. (It’s not a DFY service so you need to learn it by yourself, just with their guidance)

They will also demonstrate to you, live, how to create an affiliate marketing funnel. This process will help you gain valuable insights, broaden your perspectives, and turn them into strategies and techniques that can align with your chosen niche. 

You can also submit your self-made funnels for review during the weekly calls, offering you personalized feedback and guidance to optimize its performance.

Week 3: Email Automation

Week 3 includes them teaching you how to create emails that can easily resonate with your target audience and it will eventually lead to creating trust and credibility. Building this trust and credibility lays the foundation for your long-term relationship with them that drives repeat purchases in the process.

To help you with this, they will provide email templates and formulas used by earlier generations that already have found success (from AMB Bootcamp ver 1 and 2). Having these templates can simplify your process of making engaging content, regardless of your writing expertise.

Just like in week 2, you can also submit your email for review so that they can point out what part needs to be revised etc.

Week 4: TikTok Traffic

TikTok has gained prominence over the years, making it one of the “digital assets” to make use of with just posting 15 to 60-second video snippets. With just that short video, countless people will be able to see it, will get interested, and eventually go to your landing page. 

But first and foremost, they will teach you how to create engaging content in TikTok, making it more eye-catching and making your target audience hooked on your content. Such contents will motivate your audience to take action, whether signing up for your email list, and best, making a purchase right away. 

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Week 5: YouTube Traffic

First, you need to learn how to create your YouTube channel from scratch. But you won’t be left in the dark, Chad will show you exactly how he did his that now has more than 100K subscribers. 

He believes that YouTube is the platform where you can generate thousands of high quality leads per month, all the while getting paid for it. 

If you’re the camera shy type, don’t worry, they have alternatives where you don’t need to show your face that can still produce leads. 

Week 6: Facebook Groups

You’ll be taught the exact same strategies that Chad used to increase his sales by 24% while also generating hundreds of new leads every month. 

This is by cultivating and engaging with the community that you’ve built. These leads won’t even buy a single item if they don’t know, like or trust you, so you just need to introduce yourself, be active, and interact with them every once in a while, letting them know that you’re a real person they’re dealing with.

Week 7: Profile Funnels

This is generally made for those people who are interested in generating commissions from software or high-ticket products. You’ll be directly making your personal profile account into a Profile funnel, where if something goes wrong, everyone will know for sure, including your family, relatives, and friends. 

It’s like a double edged sword. Yes you can also include your warm market into your affiliate offers, but sometimes, there are also people who don’t like their feeds to get flooded with these types of contents.

Week 8: Paid Strategies

Paid strategies includes:

  • Targeted advertising campaigns
  • Hiring virtual assistance
  • Outsourcing video creation
  • Acquiring mini brands

In my opinion, these are only applicable for those who became successful doing everything on their own from week 1 to 7, before they jump to using paid strategies.

Cost and Refund Policy

AMB Bootcamp Cost

AMB Bootcamp 3.0 costs a one-time payment of $997, or if you’re short of cash, you can pay an initial payment of $597, and they didn’t specify when you need to pay another $597. 

They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee where you can issue a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the contents of the program.  

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Affiliate Marketing Boss Bootcamp can be used in any niche that you want to deal with, facilitated by Chad Bartlett, a very successful affiliate marketer. AMB Bootcamp offers a private group as its bonus, letting you connect with like-minded individuals who can share insights and experiences to help you broaden your perspectives.

They’re also hands-on when it comes to your progress. They will review each and every aspect of your journey so that you can receive personalized feedback, helping you improve on things that need improvement and stay constant on things that you do best.

The only thing that’s bothering me aside from the cost of the program being not so budget-friendly is the program’s lack of testimonials and success stories outside its website. (Because everything you see inside can only be taken with a grain of salt.)

Before leaving…

If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone. (*and sky’s the limit*)

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