Affiliate Escape Plan Review

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Brian Brewer has some advice to share for those who want to get into the affiliate marketing space. That is, always have a “can-do” attitude, don’t falter with any hurdles that will come in your way, and learn what you can, everytime.

Plus, every victory you make, you should celebrate. Because you worked hard for it. But always keep in mind that patience and perseverance are valuable traits to have in any business venture, not just with affiliate marketing.

Of course, should you ever need further guidance, he’s ready and willing to offer you something for that. Read on for my Affiliate Escape Plan review.

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What Is The Affiliate Escape Plan?

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The Affiliate Escape Plan is an online training program. It aims to teach everything there is to know on how to start an online business, as well as various strategies to ensure continued success and consistent earning in affiliate marketing.

According to its creators, it’s an “upgrade” of their original training program which is initially offered for free, but is quite limited in its scope. Since then, it has been “upgraded” in its current iteration (which they call the  ” Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0″), and has largely expanded its training material. The original free program now serves as a free gateway to this course, and is now called the 90-Minute Affiliate Challenge.

In this course, students will learn how affiliate marketing is done, finding the best products to be an affiliate of, and how to promote your products. The Affiliate Escape Plan has a particular focus on building websites using ClickFunnels, as well as running social media advertising campaigns (most notable, Tiktok and YouTube) for its affiliate marketing strategies.

It also provides various tips on how you can promote your products using free methods like SEO, as well as paid social media ads.

As with most affiliate marketing courses, the Affiliate Escape Plan also provides its own affiliate program. Basically, once you’re enrolled in the course, you can promote the Affiliate Escape Plan or it’s parent program, the Legendary Marketer. And if anyone buys these training program through your link, then you’ll be paid a commission.

The Affiliate Escape Plan can potentially be a good resource for you if you want to get into affiliate marketing. Especially since right now, the industry has grown to around seventeen billion dollars with an annual growth of at least 10%. Furthermore, it has a low entry barrier, so it doesn’t need too much technical knowledge in order to start being an affiliate.

But the real question is, is this the best business model for you?

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Who Is Brian Brewer?

Brian Brewer is the creator of the Affiliate Escape Plan.

Brian Brewer 2

He’s an online marketer who’s garnered a good amount of reputation in the digital marketing space. In fact, he’s one of the top affiliates of the Legendary Marketer, having earned over $400,000 promoting that platform and reaching platinum rank four times within the company.

Before he was a digital marketer, however, he worked as a restaurant waiter. The amount of money that he was earning there was good enough to give him and his family a comfortable life.

But it didn’t last long. Prices of several goods are rising, and he quickly found out that what he’s earning at the restaurant isn’t enough anymore.

Furthermore, he didn’t just wanted more money to earn, he wanted freedom. The freedom to work whenever he wants, wherever he wants. This made him decide to learn more about internet marketing.

It took him four years to learn all the tricks of the trade, but it paid off for him greatly. Still, he claims that you won’t have to go through that trouble if you sign up for the Affiliate Escape Plan.

Aside from his accomplishments as a top affiliate in Legendary Marketer, he claims to have also earned a total of $200,000 by promoting Shopify.

Most notably, however, Brian Brewer has received several several accolades as an affiliate for ClickFunnels. He has earned the Dream Car Award for referring 100 active users who are paying at least $97 monthly, and in 2022, he earned the “Two Comma Club” award by earning over $1,000,000 from a single funnel.

Brian Brewer 3

Since then, he has become dedicated to teaching his fellow affiliate marketers with the knowledge that he has gained from his own experience. As evidence by his strong presence on the online educational platform Udemy, with over 90,000 students from his various courses and an average rating.

He also has several YouTube channels where he talks about affiliate marketing, with the most popular one being the Madcap Publishing channel.

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The Phases Of The Affiliate Escape Plan

The lessons contained inside the Affiliate Escape Plan is broken down into five phases. Each phase is then further broken down into several lessons.

Altogether, the five phases act as a step-by-step formula for your affiliate marketing business, from setting it up to scaling it.

Here’s a brief description of each of the five phases that make up the Affiliate Escape Plan

Phase 1: your First $100k

The first phase of the training also serves as a introduction to the whole course. Here, you’ll be oriented on what is affiliate marketing and why it’s the best business model to do today (according to them).

It also has lessons on how to find the best niches for affiliate marketing. Here, they recommend the most evergreen niches according to them, which is health, wealth, and relationships.

Finally, it contains lessons on developing the proper mindset, the so-called “6-figure Framework”, and how to be viral on Tiktok.

Phase 2: You Are Your First Avatar

The second phase contains lessons on how to properly focus your marketing efforts and resources.

Here, it stresses the importance of knowing about the kinds of customers that you’re going to deal with. Because learning more your customers will allow you to tailor your advertising campaigns to deliver the most attractive message and attract your leads.

Phase 3: Mindset, Motivation, and Momentum

The third phase further expands on developing the proper business mindset that is introduced on the first phase.

Here, Brian Brewer will share the mindset lessons that he have learned before from other methods, which include…

  • Heart of Your Why – An exercise he learned from Dean Graziosi.
  • Momentum Slingshot – The so-called 11-step process of gaining momentum in life & career.
  • How To Achieve Anything – A mindset hack for taking consistent action daily that he learned from Tony Robbins.

Phase 4: Conversion Optimization and Omnipresence

To put it simply, this phase contains lessons on how to run various advertising campaigns to promote your affiliate links.

Since Brian Brewer is a ClickFunnels affiliate, expect some lessons here on to to create your marketing website using ClickFunnels, and other lessons related to it. It also includes some strategies for driving buyer traffic using social media, such as Facebook, Google, and even Tiktok.

Finally, it also has tutorials on how to use Facebook Pixel, and even a a peek at Brian’s own Google Ads dashboard.

Phase 5: Automated Conversions At Scale

The final phase of the Affiliate Escape Plan contains various strategies on how to scale your affiliate marketing business, and how to “automate” the entire business process. For example, how to determine strong and weak advertising campaigns, what improvements you can do to increase conversions, and how to hire virtual assistants for business automation.

Other Content

The Affiliate Escape Plan also contains several lessons as part of their bonus content, which also includes access to group coaching call sessions, and others. These lessons are separate because some of them don’t fit into the topics that are covered in the main lessons.

Here’s a list of the bonus lessons includes in the Affiliate Escape Plan.

  • Bonus Lesson #1: Mastering Short-Form Content
  • Bonus Lesson #2: How I Won the ClickFunnels Dream Car
  • Bonus Lesson #3: Affiliate Marketing Mastermind Replays
  • Bonus Lesson #4: Brian Brewer’s Legendary Marketer 2021 Mastermind Presentation
  • Bonus Lesson #5: Content & Copy for Facebook Reels

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How Much Does The Affiliate Escape Plan Cost?

You have two payment options that you can avail of if you want to enroll in the Affiliate Escape Plan.

First is the full, one-time payment option which will cost you $997. Second is the monthly installment option which costs $149 per month, for ten months, which will then bring the total price to $1,490.

There’s also no refund policy in place for the Affiliate Escape Plan.

Final Thoughts

As far as reputation is concerned, Brian Brewer has certainly proved to everyone that, as far as affiliate marketing is concerned, he is the real deal.

He also has proven himself to be a good mentor in the subject matter. As not only does he have a standalone course about affiliate marketing, but he also has several good course found on other educational platforms like Udemy.

Overall, if you want to become an affiliate marketer and you wanted a comprehensive resource on how to do it, then the Affiliate Escape Plan could be a good investment for you.

Keep in mind, however, that affiliate marketing may not be the best business model for everyone, especially for those who wish to make money online. The most notable con of this business model is that it requires a lot of self-exposure when promoting your affiliate products, especially on social media. Thus, it’s not suitable for introverts.

Also, while it has a low entry barrier, the cost of using paid ads to promote your product can get very high, and there’s even a chance that conversions can be low, which can waste you some money.

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