Adserea Reviews

Back in the days, businesses attended gatherings like trade shows and industry events to scope out the competition, see their latest products and gather intel on upcoming trends. 

Printed materials like industry magazines, catalogs, and annual reports were also valuable sources of information where companies would analyze these documents to understand their competitors’ product offerings, pricing strategies, and market positioning.

With the help of our ever-evolving technology nowadays, there are a lot of tools out there that can do all of these things at the comfort of your home and one of them is Adserea. What kind of services do they offer to make you stand out versus your competitors? I’ve listed it all out in this review so go ahead and continue reading.

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What is Adserea?

Gone are the days of more labor-intensive and time-consuming ways of gathering competitive intelligence around the world of ecommerce. Back in the pre-digital era, companies sent out “mystery shoppers” to physically visit competitors’ stores and gather information on their products, prices and customer service.

With Adserea, you’ll be provided a one-stop shop that will help you build your ecommerce business from the ground up. Adserea is a shopify store based in Lewes, US. It provides software dropshipping solutions for ecommerce businesses. 

From high-quality products, ad copy, descriptions, features ,competitor data and insights, each product on their listing has been thoroughly researched so that you only need to pick one and immediately start your ecommerce journey.

They offer a lot of products in each niche including:

  • Tech
  • Fashion
  • Apparel
  • Pets

And many more. These are freshly picked and said to be high-converting products that you don’t have to worry about finding one, because they’ve already done it for you. 

I can’t seem to find the creator/founder of this platform so let’s just leave it as it is and proceed to the services offered by them.

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Services Offered By Adserea

Adserea Dropshipping Services

Product Analysis

By conducting comprehensive product analysis, dropshippers can make informed decisions on what to include in their offerings, ensuring they tap into profitable niches and stay ahead in a dynamic and ever-evolving ecommerce landscape.

Adserea have conducted a detailed market analysis for the products which they provide with estimations for suitable price, profit margins, and assure you that you’ll have a positive ROI.

Optimized Product Description

Optimized product description not only is just about listing features, it’s also about crafting a narrative that resonates with potential buyers. An effective product description communicates not only what a product does but also why it matters to the customer. 

To add flavor to that, it also highlights the unique selling points, addresses potential concerns, and creates an emotional connection. Search engines love well-optimized content, so a carefully crafted product description can significantly improve a product’s visibility online.

In the crowded digital marketplace, where attention spans are fleeting, a compelling and optimized product description becomes a potent tool to capture and retain the interest of potential customers, ultimately driving conversions and fostering brand loyalty.

High Quality Video Ads & Thumbnail

The visual appeal of video ads and thumbnails can make all the difference. They go well hand in hand in creating a more powerful advertisement for your product.

High quality video ads serve as immersive showcases, allowing potential customers to experience the product in action. They go beyond static images, telling a story and engaging viewers on a deeper level. 

When complemented by eye-catching thumbnails, these ads become irresistible invitations, prompting users to click and explore further. The thumbnail serves as the first impression, the visual handshake that entices users to dive into the content. 

With these two at your disposal, they will not only give you constant customer engagement but also have the capability to increase your conversion rate.

Facebook Targeting

Facebook Targeting

Facebook’s robust targeting tools enable dropshippers to tailor their ads to reach specific demographics, interests, and behaviors. Whether it’s age, location, interests or online behaviors, Facebook’s targeting options empower dropshippers to put their products in front of the most relevant eyes. 

Their personalized approach not only maximizes the efficiency of ad spend but also enhances the chances of resonating with potential customers. It goes beyond mere advertising, it becomes a strategic tool for building brand awareness, fostering engagement and driving conversions in a crowded digital marketplace.

Customer Product Review

Customer product review serves as the heartbeat of trust and credibility in a dropshipping business. They are not just testimonials; they are the authentic voices of those who have experienced the product firsthand. These reviews act as social proof, offering potential customers valuable insights into the quality, usability and overall satisfaction with the product. 

Positive reviews can be showcased to highlight the strengths of a product while constructive criticism provides an opportunity for improvement. These reviews are the currency of trust, fostering a sense of community and authenticity that resonates with today’s discerning online shoppers.

Competitor Data and Trend Insight

It acts as the compass that guides strategic decisions and fuels competitive edge. Understanding what competitors are offering, how they price their products and the strategies they employ becomes significant.   

Fellow dropshippers like yourself use competitors’ data to identify market trends, uncover untapped niches, and refine their own product listings. Pricing strategies can be fine-tuned based on a comprehensive analysis of what similar products are fetching in the market.

Staying agile and making data-driven decisions set other ecommerce businesses apart in the crowded digital marketplace. It’s not about imitation, but it’s all about informed innovation.

When you opt in with Adserea, you’ll have access to thousands of high-converting products with daily recommendations, and a Facebook Audience Finder, a search engine that will look for potential customers interested in your products that will yield to higher conversion rates. 

Affiliate Program

If you are ever wondering why you have seen a lot of influencers, youtubers, and other personalities using the Adserea platform, well, that is because Adserea also offers an affiliate program. 

All you need to do is sign up for their affiliate program account and get your exclusive link. Then from there, you’ll start promoting your exclusive link to your hot market, social media accounts, Youtube videos, anywhere. Every person that signs up using your affiliate link and upgrades to premium will earn you $5 in commission. Sign up 4 people and you’ve already got enough to cover your Netflix premium plan. .

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Cost and Refund Policy

Every service that Adserea offers is subject to a monthly/annual subscription-based policy and you can only see their subscription plans once you opt in and create an account on their platform. For new users, they offer a 3-day trial period so that you can test the waters and check whether proceeding with their services will benefit you and your ecommerce business or not. 

Adserea Refund Policy

With regards to their refund policy, they don’t offer any refunds whatsoever once you’ve had access to their services and information but rest assured that they’ll be there to tackle any problems that you might encounter during your subscription stay with them. 

People Experience With Adserea

People's Experience With Adserea

Just like these people above. Even though it’s the first person’s fault that he didn’t read any of the policies offered by Adserea which stated that they won’t be giving any refunds on people who had access to their services and information, having your system down for months will really spark the anger of any user.

On the second person, it really is Adserea’s fault that they still continue to charge monthly subscription on someone who already opted out of their services. 

Most negative reviews on Trustpilot are issues about the website always on maintenance, and I feel them. As of writing this review, there are no available pictures to be seen on their website, all broken.

Adserea Trustpilot

The 5 positive reviews out of 20 from Trustpilot are from people who have just written 1 review which seems a little bit odd to me. Paid reviews? Maybe. 

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Though they offer a lot of services once you opt in to their monthly/annual subscription plan, mishaps still happen. Well, being able to offer numerous ways to help your customer doesn’t mean that you’re a good service provider. It still comes down to how you will cater each and everyone’s inquiries, needs, and everything in between. 

Adserea lacks the transparency and integrity that an ecommerce platform must have in these kinds of scenarios. We’re in the digital world, information and credibility about you must be first and foremost can be found on the internet. And if it’s lacking, there’s something happening behind the curtains that keeps customers away from what you offer. 

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If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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