Brian Adamson Review

Retiring in America today is not easy. It is a very tall mountain to climb but Brian still believes that anyone can live life off of their early retirement plans and achieve financial freedom with the right skills and investments in place.

98% of millionaires have real estate in their portfolios, why is that? It is because it’s one of the greatest catalysts that you can have to build wealth. And what happens is when you start building out real estate, it provides you an income base that you don’t have to work for. 

Investing in real estate is like giving a one-time payment for a service and it continues to pay you back overtime. Brian is outright selling himself, claiming that he has the skills and knowledge to guide and help you live your retirement plan out of investing in real estate. 

This One’s Much Better

Brian Adamson is a real estate investor with over 16 years of experience, a mentor, educator and founder of BBR Investment Group. 

He is from Detroit, part of a blue-collared family. His work ethics has been instilled to him at a young age. His dad worked as a firefighter while his mom was a cashier at a grocery store. 

He had a rough start because his understanding of money was flawed. “My parents did a phenomenal job based on where they came from but my dad taught me that money was a tool. However he used it as a safety mechanism to be able to take care of his family and do things, which is great.”, he shared.

“But money being a tool as I understand it today is synonymous with building things.” Which is why he started investing in real estate. Everything came clear to him that real estate is his calling when he was in his junior year in college, and a friend of his was flipping houses. 

He was probably 15 years my senior. I didn’t understand what any of those flipping things meant but what I did understand is he gave me an opportunity at that time. There was a couple that time that wanted to buy one of his flipped houses but didn’t have the money to give as a down payment. 

What I did is I loaned them the cash I’m getting from my refund checks in college. I believe it was like $7,000 and by the time that they got the money to purchase the house, they gave back my money with interest”, shares Brian. 

So he decided to just get his degree as a back-up while determined that he is not going to work for anybody. Brian started building his real estate portfolio from there, and if ever he needs to get a job, he will because he can. 

Because of the market shift that’s happening in the years 2007-2008, he had a realization that he needs to give himself some pause. Laylow-ing in real estate doesn’t mean that he will stop doing it. He keeps it as a side while being hired in corporate America.

That way, it provided some stability for me and my family”. Being trapped in the rat hole of the 9-5 grind, he realized that he’s actually losing money rather than gaining when he tried to do both the corporate job and the real estate portfolio that he’s building. 

This One’s Much Better

During those times, it’s just all like a gamble to me. Then things started to go south. There have been issues with the properties that I didn’t give enough time planning ahead. I was just opportunistic. I lack education nor do I have a mentor to tell me what’s already happening.”, Brian recalls. 

Those were the darkest days of his investor career. Losing almost half a million seeking knowledge and mentorship that he didn’t have. But it also became the catalyst to what he is doing today. He learned that what he lacks before is a much needed part of being an investor.

Brian started mentoring people, building his own program based off of those things that he knew, any investor who signs up to do this thing called real estate investing, will be exposed to in terms of the risks involved.

His biggest accomplishment to date are not the money nor the network, not the things he has now but it’s the fact that he’s been able to take the skill set that he has acquired, worked really hard for and been blessed with, packaged and delivered it to as many people as possible. 

All he’s doing now after being a mentor to many people is watching out for them building each of their own lives that they want and dreaming for themselves come to reality. And you might also be one of them someday.

This One’s Much Better