Adam Cherrington Review

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Adam Cherrington says in his YouTube advertisement that he’s made over $453,000 in commissions through affiliate marketing. And he did it in just under 60 days.

Even more impressive, is that he did it without using Amazon, Shopify, or even Facebook. Or so he claims.

How did he do it? He said he’s doing this by doing something called “Affiliate Arbitrage”. And he’s looking for several students to whom he can teach it and know the so-called “Cherrington Experience”.

So what exactly is affiliate arbitrage? And is it worth it if we join in his program? You’re about to find out. Keep on scrolling for my Adam Cherrington review.

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Who Is Adam Cherrington?

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Adam Cherrington is a person who seems to be no stranger to the digital marketing business. His moneymaking method of choice is affiliate marketing, and he’s very successful at it, to the point that he now considers himself one of the so-called “super affiliates”.

His life when he was young was quite troublesome, however. When he was 7 years of age, his parents divorced. He also admitted that he was once a drug smuggler and that he even went into a maximum security prison in Australia.

After getting out of jail at 24 years old, he then reunited with his father and worked on his pest control business for quite some time.

Initially, he wanted to have a career as a musician, as he had a lot of experience playing the guitar when he grew up. But he got fascinated with the idea of taking the ideas in his head, and sharing them with the whole world through his website.

So with this in mind, he dropped out of college and started to take plenty of online courses about web development. To support himself while he’s studying, he took a part-time day job at FedEx.

Aside from that, he also learned lead generation, SEO, and other digital marketing strategies, which he applied to his first website, MadGuitarLicks, where he showcases his guitar skills and posts free guitar lessons. Due to this, he found himself earning a total of $129,000 through digital marketing alone.

Riding on this momentum, he created 30 more websites and ran organic traffic on them to bolster his income, eventually reaching around $500,000 worth of earnings. It would seem like he’s unstoppable at this point now.

Unfortunately, his momentum ran out when Google deployed the “Penguin” series of algorithm updates, which all targeted and penalized websites that were deemed to be violating Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, especially in terms of manipulative link-building practices. Now, spammy and low-quality backlinks that most websites use to artificially boost their SEO will be rendered useless.

This update took a huge hit to Adam’s websites, causing them to lag behind search engine rankings. Due to this, he effectively lost 90% of his income stream.

Thankfully, he didn’t give up. He worked under an individual whom he refused to name. This individual became his mentor, and under him, he learned about using paid ads, and how to use them effectively, minimizing his costs while maximizing his profits.

Through the years, he has successfully built himself up from his past failures. Now, he’s running a successful online advertising agency, all while still having time to spend and enjoy with his wife and three kids.

And he doesn’t stop there, he wants you to also be successful in the online business space, hence his coaching program for aspiring affiliate marketers.

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All About Affiliate Arbitrage

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Affiliate arbitrage is the business model that Ada Cherrington specializes in. It’s actually an old business being used before, but Adam Cherrington has seemingly put it to good use.

In a nutshell, affiliate arbitrage involves using paid ads to drive traffic to your affiliate links. While the concept seems simple, there’s more than that.

Affiliate arbitrage is determining the difference between the costs you incur by using paid ads, and the rate of commissions that you’re earning. When you’ve found it, the result will be the profit you gained.

It follows the basic principle of buying low and selling high in the financial world. There are at least two ways you can do this in affiliate marketing. Either you:

  1. Make your spending on paid ads as low as possible, while trying to maximize the traffic and conversions you can get from your affiliate links, or…
  2. Promoting products that can make as much money as possible.

For Adam Cherrington, the choice is simple: He prioritizes being an affiliate to products and niches that he believes will sell like pancakes. Thus letting him earn more money, irrelevant of his spending on paid ads.

And for this reason, he prefers to promote products in the health and wellness niche.

Adam Cherrington Review - Health Supplements

He chose this niche because, as per his claim, you can help people while you earn money. His primary market is middle-aged women, presumably because this demographic is the strongest purchaser when it comes to this product.

He doesn’t use Facebook or Google ads, WordPress, social media, or ClickFunnels at all (which explains his lack of social media presence). Instead, he purchases an ad spot from established newsletters and big mailing lists to promote and sell other people’s products.

One big advantage of this marketing method that Adam uses, is that one doesn’t have to worry about their ad accounts getting banned for various reasons. Which is a very common problem when running any social media-based ads such as Facebook, and even Google.

However, it’s also known that this method of paid ads could be more expensive than usual. And thus, you’re going to need a little more capital than usual if you plan on doing this.

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What Is Included In Adam Cherrington’s Program?

The contents of Adam Cherrington’s training program aren’t well-documented publicly. However, he starts by offering you to join his so-called “free training” webinar, which really isn’t a live webinar per se, but rather a long video that gives a preview of what you can expect from Adam Cherrington’s program.

Inside, he gives an overview of the affiliate arbitrage business model that he’s doing, how it works, and how it can help you make money. At the end of the video, you’ll be receiving free access to the 3 affiliate tools that he has used and tested to work. This is most likely done to give you the hang of those tools, so you’ll know what to expect once you’ve finally joined the program.

Once you do decide to join the main program, you’ll then be introduced to several pre-recorded video lessons that cover topics such as affiliate marketing, as well as Adam’s marketing strategy.

You’ll also be able to join several Zoom call sessions with Adam and his team, so you can ask some questions and seek further help from them. Aside from Zoom, they also have Telegram call sessions, and they are also automatically recorded so you can get back on them and listen whenever you need them

In addition, you’ll also have access to their network of virtual assistants whom you can hire for your own marketing campaigns, to help you create ads and landing pages. You will also be able to approach other affiliate experts other than Adam’s team, who offer personalized video reviews about your marketing campaign so you can improve upon them and succeed, based on their comments and directions

Lastly, Adam Cherrington’s program also gives you access to over $700,000 worth of software tools that Adam and his team claimed to have been using for their marketing It’s also known that Adam Cherrington knows some “underground traffic sources” and has partnerships with big affiliate networks, and he’s willing to share it with the students of this program.

However, the legitimacy and trustworthiness of these sources can’t be verified as of the moment.

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How Much Does Adam Cherrington’s Program Cost?

Adam Cherrington’s program costs a whopping $39,995 for six month’s worth of membership, and $49,995 for a whole year’s worth of membership.

There’s also a so-called “VIP Membership” that costs a staggering $99,995, but lasts for 24 months (two years) and comes with a 50/50 profit-sharing privilege. And to ease up on the cost, Adam also claims to offer several financing options that allow most people to join the program for just a hundred dollars.

And for its very high cost, Adam also offers a refund policy for people who are not satisfied with his program. However, you must fulfill these several conditions first.

  • If you haven’t made at least $5,000 in your first 90 days of trying Adam’s method, then it’s free.
  • You must have attended at least 20 live Zoom calls for you
  • You must have at least $10,000 on ads spent
  • Have made 5 marketing reviews
  • Have an updated profit-and-loss-sheet to be presented

If you have met all of these conditions, then you may be able to get your full refund.

Is Adam Cherrington’s Program Worth It?

Adam Cherrington 1

Simply put, I don’t think Adam Cherrington’s program is something that’s worth joining, especially for newcomers who are looking for a new online business opportunity.

That’s because the price to join the program is just too expensive for everyone. Even with the so-called payment options that they offer so you can join for a lesser cost, it’s still not worth the price as you’re eventually going to need to pay the normal price.

I honestly have no idea why Adam Cherrington priced his training programs this much. In my own opinion, it’s just too much.

Don’t get me wrong, however. From the looks of it, Adam Cherrington seems to be a legitimate affiliate marketer. He’s been in the industry for 20 years now and has honed his skills and strategies to the point that he has established a  company from the ground up that has a huge ROI. Though I can’t tell if his company is already successful or not.

It’s quite possible that he priced his courses that way because of the value that he puts into his programs, which can make people think that they’re getting their money’s worth.

But it also makes his courses too inaccessible for anyone due to its high cost. If anything, it’s much better to look for free educational resources about affiliate marketing and digital marketing than spend on this course, since there are plenty of them out there.

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