Invincible Marketer Review

Invincible Marketer Review

Aaron Chen leads Invincible Marketer, a program designed to create a global community of success-driven individuals. Coming from in his own experiences, Aaron’s vision is to offer more than just promises – he focuses on delivering tangible results.

Invincible Marketer provides inspiration from real success stories, with a program carefully crafted for mindset transformation through effective training, strategic insights, and actionable steps. Aaron aims not just for professional success but also to empower individuals for a balanced work-life and financial freedom.

Whether you’re starting in the industry or have faced setbacks, Aaron Chen assures that Invincible Marketer is for you.

This review will explore the program’s details, features, and benefits, helping you decide if it’s a valuable investment for your personal and professional growth.

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Who is Aaron Chen?

Invincible Marketer Review

Aaron Chen is a successful affiliate marketer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, who also experienced the so-called rat race in a 9-5 job when working in the corporate world, making him explore on courses about MLM, drop shipping and other business model online. He even invested almost $100,000 just to find his place in the digital marketing world while also facing financial challenges.

In 2016, he met Vik Strizheus who introduced him to Indirect Selling strategy which centered on establishing trust with your audience by educating them about the product before actually delivering the sales pitch.

Eventually, he had achieved his goal of earning six-figures by using this approach. And with affiliate marketing, he was able to double it down, making him earn over $700,000.
With the experience he had, starting at ground zero and founding a mentor who was able to help him, he launched Invincible Marketing in 2019 where he shares his proven and tested strategies that helped him make reach this level of success.

What is Invincible Marketer?

Invincible Marketer Review

Invincible Marketer is your step by step training that will equip you all the necessary knowledge, mindset and tolls that you need in order to become an affiliate marketer that makes money online.

According to Arron, his goal is to transform a doubtful entrepreneur into an unstoppable one that can achieve many goals. You will also learn how to identify and address your failure’s root causes by adjusting your subconscious to make success a lifetime thing.

In addition, he program has accountability tools that would drive you into action, ensuring sustained motivation and ability to build a business.

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Program Sessions

Invincible Marketer is divided into two parts, Essential Mindset training and Core training, which are spread out in its 17 sessions.

1st Session: The first session is more like an introductory part and will inform you how could you prepare for the actual training. As early as this session, it already includes a survey.

2nd Session: You will learn the foundation of affiliate marketing and how to make a 6-fgure income, by introducing his 6-Figure Conversion Model and tools that you will be needing. He will also teach you the “pyramid of success”, exploring subconscious conditioning and provides an overview of the marketing field.

3rd Session: Aaron dives in to a deep discussion what affiliate marketing is including the distinction between good, product that surpass customer’s expectations while providing genuine value; and bad ones that lack quality and failed to meet its purpose.

4th Session: In this session, Aaron shared a motivational video by someone named Gar, and shares a list of recommended products to promote it as an affiliate.

5th Session: This session aims to cultivate your mindset, keeping it on the right track. Aaron talks about actions and dreams, how you can be resourceful and what you can expect on your journey as an affiliate marketer. It also includes an interview with Dan Khan, who is a successful participant in the program.

6th Session: Session 6 discusses the importance and provides an understanding of domains and how you can set it up on ClickMagick and ClickFunnels.

7th Session: Aaron focuses on what landing pages are about together with discussion on how you can create them and how to leverage email marketing which in turn, can increase your sales.

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8th Session: Session 8 also centers on encouraging your mindset, providing a difference between a poor and a rich one and how it would be beneficial to you as an entrepreneur. It also includes a lesson on how you can set up your Clickmagick account.

9th Session: This session stresses the importance of building affiliates and indicates that success comes from consistency, skills expansion, resources and knowledge. It promotes a mindset of continuous improvement and adaptation.

10th Session: Aaron shares some routine here on the 10th session which you can follow as well to help you be more organize. It will teach you on editing sales funnels and interviewing successful program participants in their private community.

11th Session: This session will help you how you can set up a private email, guide on how to create one professionally as well as adding autoresponders and discussing about conversion pixels.

12th Session: Aaron guides you on improving your marketing funnels by using split testing, and boosting overall traffic to your funnels. The session focuses on making your marketing strategies more efficient and effective. He explains gives an advice on finding areas for improvement and enhancing the user experience.

13th Session: This part focuses on skillfully getting traffic. It has a thorough approach to guide participants through efficiently managing and optimizing their online traffic sources. The goal is to provide a deeper understanding of different strategies, techniques and tools.

14th Session: With this session, Aaron guides participants in building an authoritative website  by offering a step-by-step guidance when it comes to establishing a strong presence online. It also focuses on the importance of growing a mailing list, explaining its role in engagement with customers and building a loyal readership.

15th Session: This session centers on learning how to create an engaging bonus page that will help you increase sales. It covers important aspects like choosing relevant bonuses, content organization and persuasive elements for increased conversions.

16th Session: This session guides participants to effectively manage new customers and provides insights on creating and organizing a customer list, using a systematic approach to customer relationship management.

17th Session: The final session provides knowledge on expanding your network and broadening your reach in the world of affiliate marketing. It will guide you to strategic approaches for building a robust network that extends beyond initial connection that gives new opportunities for collaboration and growth.


The program also includes a bonuses where you can learn free and paid strategies on different ad platforms, build profits from loyal followers and market top-notch products which enables you to earn more by selling less.

Purchasing the program will also have you included in their private Facebook Community which currently has 2.1K members.

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You can join this program for $67 paid every month.

Invincible Marketer Review

Pros and Cons


The training involves hands-on learning which allows participants to see Aaron’s actions on his screen. Each lesson includes steps for practical application and you will have coaching calls every two months for guidance. Aaron specifically teaches organic strategies on TikTok and Facebook, sharing effective approaches for utilizing these platforms in affiliate marketing.


Passive income might not really be what you’re going for with affiliate marketing when using free traffic. There’s a chance though, if you opt for paid traffic, which is frankly expensive. In addition, the course seems to be more on “setting your mindset” rather than learning that technicalities that you will need to be successful in this industry. There are some reports as well that there are lots of upselling, suggesting you books that you should be purchasing.


With the content of the course and the feedbacks about the program across the internet, I might reconsider other options. Aaron Chen’s methods might help you generate income online however, his techniques and methods can be available anywhere in the internet at a lower cost, or maybe even free.

Plus, “cultivating the mindset” sound a little too preachy for me. If I were to participate, I would want my mentor to tell me how to do things and what things I should need rather than changing my beliefs. For me, if you really want to succeed and achieve something, that is already the perfect mindset.

Before leaving..

If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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