A To Z Formula Reviews

A To Z Formula Reviews

Are you interested in generating income from the comfort of your home while collaborating with professionals who can yield impressive results fast?

The A to Z Formula boasts a comprehensive team spread across China, Australia, and the USA, dedicated to assisting you in various aspects—ranging from product acquisition to establishing your business and achieving substantial sales volumes on Amazon.

Navigating the entire business journey can be overwhelming, especially for those venturing into entrepreneurship for the first time. It is crucial not to overlook any steps along the way; missing them could mean leaving out on significant financial opportunities.

Recognizing this, the A to Z Formula brings in a team of experts at different stages. They seamlessly guide you through every phase: starting from identifying products, crafting compelling listings, positioning your products prominently on the Amazon platform, ensuring compliance, and facilitating business setup—covering every aspect comprehensively.

Their adept guidance simplifies the process to such an extent that your active involvement becomes minimal. With their support, you will find that tasks require barely any effort on your part.

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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with A To Z Formula in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

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Brendan Elias

A To Z Formula Reviews

Brendan Elias’ early exposure to the importing business came from his father, Nat Elias, a prominent figure known for bringing popular items like Casio watches and Donkey Kong games to Australia. His early involvement laid the groundwork for his expertise in the field.

During his studies in Commerce Law at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Brendan’s thirst for knowledge led him beyond the confines of a single institution. He expanded his education by traveling and pursuing International Trade Law studies in Beijing and Copyright Law studies in Canada.

Despite his focus on law and financial matters, his strong entrepreneurial drive remained firm. Leveraging his intelligence and experience, he successfully launched multiple lucrative businesses, capitalizing on sourcing exceptional products from China and achieving substantial sales. Today, he shares his wealth of experience, assisting individuals from various backgrounds in breaking away from conventional employment routines and becoming accomplished importers themselves.

He has done big things, sold millions worth of stuff by bringing it in from China and flipping it on Amazon.

According to him, this method that he have has been tried and tested, way safer and more money-making than most, for kick-starting your own gig on Amazon.

What is A to Z Formula?

A To Z Formula Reviews

A to Z Formula stands out as a premier eCommerce education provider renowned for its extensive experience in the field. Over the span of several decades, A to Z Formula has been instrumental in guiding numerous students, enabling them to swiftly propel their eCommerce ventures forward.

Their expertise encompasses a wide array of crucial aspects, including aiding in product sourcing, offering valuable insights into photography techniques, and imparting various other essential skills necessary for success in the eCommerce landscape.

They have got this squad of pros who know the whole deal about importing and selling stuff on Amazon. They’re there to lend a hand in picking out the right products, getting them up on Amazon, and making those sales soar.

Under their guidance, uncertainty becomes a thing of the past. They have meticulously designed a methodical and tried-and-tested strategy for expanding your business, allowing for swifter income growth and significantly reduced risk.

Their approach is adaptable and flexible. They take into consideration your existing financial status, the amount of time at your disposal, and your short- and long-term aspirations for your lifestyle. Undoubtedly, a streamlined business operation is the gateway to crafting a substantial six-figure income.

And in the realm of success, the depth of one’s understanding directly correlates with their potential earnings. They have created a reliable plan for growing businesses that speeds up earning more money while lowering risks.

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How It Works?

Begin your journey by either attending their online seminar or purchasing their course. Once you are on board, their team of seasoned importers and Amazon sellers’ steps in to assist you in cherry-picking the right products, seamlessly getting them onto Amazon, and skyrocketing your sales.

Forget about the hassle of packing and shipping goods or dealing with payment headaches—those tasks are all taken care of for you. In short, they handle all the tedious and mundane aspects, leaving you free to focus on the exciting parts of growing your business.

This course claims to boasts a comprehensive set of modules aimed at guiding individuals through every aspect of launching and running a successful Amazon business.

  • Step-by-Step Video Instructions

In this module stands as the foundational element, offering easy-to-follow video tutorials that meticulously lead participants through the Amazon business setup process. Starting from product selection and extending to optimizing listings, this module delves deep into the nuances of operating an effective online store.

  • Product Sourcing Made Easy 2-Day Workshop

For those seeking hands-on experience and practical knowledge, this module serves as a prime opportunity. This exclusive event promises to furnish attendees with top-tier insights and actionable information crucial for kickstarting eCommerce success. The workshop aims to save participants considerable time and effort by providing the most pertinent information.

  • Little Black Book of Trusted Suppliers

Access in this module ensures a solid foundation for your business endeavors. Curated by Brendan himself, this invaluable resource presents a comprehensive list of vetted suppliers, mitigating potential risks and errors by connecting users exclusively with trustworthy industry suppliers.

  • Product Validation Session

This offers personalized coaching to assist in selecting the ideal starting product, instilling confidence in the decision-making process. Additionally, the “Pro Seller Kickstart Workshop” expedites business setup within the initial seven days, focusing on critical tasks like importer account setup and initial sample procurement.

  • Profit Maximization & Launch Masterclasses

For those eyeing profit maximization and effective product launches, this module is designed to provide insider strategies and expert guidance. Learning how to navigate Amazon’s algorithms and secure ongoing organic sales is a highlight of this component.

  • Million-Dollar Case Studies

The inclusion of this module adds a dose of inspiration. Featuring the stories of three successful 7-figure entrepreneurs, these case studies offer valuable insights and strategies, potentially serving as a blueprint for aspiring entrepreneurs to replicate success. Each module and bonus within this course aims to equip individuals with the knowledge, resources, and expertise needed to thrive in the competitive landscape of Amazon eCommerce.


A To Z Formula Reviews

The pricing details for their membership and services are not visibly displayed on their website.

On the other hand, certain third-party sites claim to offer access to Brendan Elias’ A to Z Formula for a fee of $40. These sites, such as udcourse.com and beastcourses.com, apparently provide access to the program.

However, t is important to note that these third-party sources might not offer the complete or official package of services and could potentially present a different or limited version of the program compared to what is available directly through the official channels.

Also, based on research, their intimate sessions come at a premium price.

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Their smaller, intimate events are carefully designed to create an atmosphere where participants can intimately engage with Brendan Elias himself, fostering a close-knit setting that encourages direct interaction and the opportunity to have their questions addressed. These events are all about establishing a more personal ambiance, allowing for deeper connections and increasing the chances of attendees receiving firsthand insights, guidance, and clarifications directly from Brendan Elias. 

Moreover, these events provide a valuable chance for participants to explore diverse marketplaces and identify the platforms that best align with their preferences and personal style. 

Tailored specifically for newcomers venturing into the world of Amazon business, this resource offers invaluable guidance and support finely tuned to meet the needs of those starting their journey in eCommerce.

However, while Brendan’s teaching style demands more time and personal interaction, resulting in a more in-depth learning experience, it also translates to higher costs compared to standard online training programs.

The steep price for this personalized guidance might be excessive, considering it essentially boils down to specialized assistance. Although this approach offers an extra level of detail in learning, the premium cost may deter some individuals seeking more affordable options for personalized help in their learning journey.

Regrettably, the website falls short in providing clear pricing information and outlining the specific inclusions within their courses. This lack of transparency leaves potential customers in the dark about the actual financial investment required and the tangible benefits they will receive from the courses.

The absence of these crucial details creates confusion and uncertainty among prospective participants, hindering their ability to make informed decisions about whether the program aligns with their needs or offers adequate value for their investment.

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If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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