7 Figure Accelerator Review

Picture this: A beefy guy who looks like he’s eating dumbbells for snacks says he knows the secret of getting a couple extra Gs in your account. Yup, he’s selling a money-making opportunity, not supplements. Interesting, right?

We’re talking about this dude Philip Johansen in particular. Most were intrigued with his income claims, and so are we. Is it really possible to get rich with just a side hustle? We have doubts, but that’s the promise when you join their 7 Figure Accelerator.

Will they deliver on their promise? That’s what we’ll try to find out in this review. Stick around, and you’ll know all the important deets about 7 Figure Accelerator, its price, and its pros and cons.

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Introduction To 7 Figure Accelerator

About The Program

7 Figure Accelerator is an affiliate marketing program that teaches how to leverage social media and short form content to sell digital products. Not just any products, but the program itself… Shoot, did we just say the quiet part out loud too early?

But seriously, that’s the gist. The program got marketing strategies, DFY funnels, and email campaign that’s specifically made to promote the program itself.

Simply put, you buy the program, then you sell it to others. If you make a sale, you’ll get a commission, a very handsome at that. It’s high-ticket affiliate marketing through and through, just like the one promoted by Chelsea The Affiliate (See Chelsea The Affiliate Reviews).

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About The Founder

7 Figure Accelerator Philip Johansen

Philip Johansen is the digital marketer and online entrepreneur behind 7 Figure Accelerator. He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, at least that’s what he says when he recalled stories before he had 7 Figure Accelerator.

Like, not long ago, he wasn’t this online guru talking about how affiliate marketing is the golden ticket to his dream life. He was a plumber, someone who’s working ten, twelve hours a day, tired of the unfulfilling work and traffic jams.

It doesn’t help that he’s surrounded by people who sap his zip. According to him, these “friends” of his don’t want him to succeed. They don’t care about his well-being at all.

They’re just there during the times he partied waaay too hard, drank too hard, drugged too hard, dug into steroids too hard. Just having fun at the moment, but look at them scram when the consequences catch up.

The “irresponsible” life almost killed him, aka he f*cked around and almost find out. Luckily, he managed to bounce back, and became better than ever.

He’s no special dude, but he did that, and he’s like, if he can achieve these things, so can you… Oh, we’re not so sure about this inspirational bit, but alright.

Enough yapping about him, let’s move on, and discuss the program. See below.

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Inside 7 Figure Accelerator

7 Second Viral Uploads

7 Figure Accelerator 7 Second Viral Uploads

It’s the program’s “brand-new and unique customer generation technique”, if not the “brand-new miracle system for 2023”, wherein they suggest to post short form, 7-second content on Instagram Reels. It doesn’t matter if you sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger (their words, BTW), you’ll still get results with this method.

For ideas on what to post, they’ll unapologetically encourage y’all to start putting those copycat hats on and steal what’s viral. And you know what, we’re not surprised by this, given that Philip is also an AI shill. Man got no shame when it comes to thieving shenanigans.

Now you know why many of 7 Figure Accelerator affiliates post the same ‘ol shitty content. It’s by design. That’s what they teach you.

Ironic how they’re persuading people into joining by telling them not to be a “sheep” when their marketing strategy is close, if not completely, following the herd. Straight to the wolf’s den, even.

Affiliate Offer

In order to earn commissions in selling 7 Figure Accelerator and become one of Philip’s lowly minion, er, affiliate, you have to buy the program yourself. No idea why they try to deny this by saying anyone can be a part of the referral program for free. Nah.

Once you’re in, they promise a lifetime cookie for you to use as an affiliate. Apparently, there’s no need to worry about its validity, ’cause it won’t expire.

Different from the likes of, let’s say, Amazon affiliate links that only last a day. As in, one has to buy the item within a day of clicking the affiliate link for the affiliates to get a commission.

If someone bought the program using your link, you’ll get 50% of the sale as commission. Handsome fee, although best of luck in selling 7 Figure Accelerator if you’re not part of Philip’s clique, his prized top affiliates.

Income Claims

The exact figures might differ, but the ridiculousness of them is just the same. From extra Gs every day, to $50k a month, then $150k. Video game numbers, dunno how one could hit those. Realistically, not even the top 1% or the devil himself— I mean, Philip— could do that, at least not consistently.

Money-Back Guarantee

7 Figure Accelerator Money-Back Guarantee

From what we read online, one of the most appealing aspect of the program is its money-back guarantee. Philip delivered the good news himself in a case study.

The gist is him giving $10k to those who didn’t get any results with 7 Figure Accelerator. So, in theory, you’ll get the money you use to purchase the program and more.

The truth is, there’s a catch. The results they’re talking about is not only missing the target income figure ($10k specifically) in the next ninety days. It’s also about not getting a sale, a lead, a view, a DM, or a follower. It could mean practically anything.

In other words, they can pull whatever insignificant metric there is to disqualify one from getting a guarantee, and avoid paying a single dime. It’s like there’s no guarantee, whatsoever.

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Assessing The Value Of 7 Figure Accelerator

The Cost

Currently, the cost of 7 Figure Accelerator is $2,500. We say “currently” since it could be more costly in the future.

After all, it only cost a grand and a half before, and we believe that they still have in them to do another price hike. As if the initial price isn’t already overpriced…

The “Pros”

The high commission rate could be a positive with an important caveat— you can sell the course. Guess what, good fucking luck on that.

Someone go on record and swear that their wife with over five million followers didn’t make a single sale. It’ll be delusional to think that a regular person with lesser clout and nothing but the hopes of getting the American dream will fare any better.

Technically, the program also received positive reviews on Trustpilot. It’s an implication that many are doing it, at least a few hundreds. However, it isn’t a positive you think it is, and we’ll discuss why in the next section.

The Cons

7 Figure Accelerator Reviews

About the positive reviews, many have called out Philip and his team for orchestrating the spam of those. Y’know, to drown out the real ones that are the polar opposite of positive.

They’re asking— scrambling and begging, actually— on their Facebook community group for folks to put up praises on the reviews page… Praises that are not necessarily grounded in reality, like the ones from the top affiliates, that are in no way representative of typical results.

The ops might be their one last-ditch effort to cover up their BS, so they don’t get FTC-ed. Many are advocating to get them reported, actually.

Somehow, Philip still managed to be an arrogant dick, acting smug and all. He’s out there sarcastically thanking reviewers for giving his program more traffic.

He’s doubling down, and yet we bet ya he’s one scaredy-cat. Dude left the American soil for Dubai, most likely to duck the authorities.

Yeah, we don’t buy his “living my life” bull either. What, you think Napoleon truly enjoyed his stay on St. Helena too?

That’s one or two negatives, here’s a sh*tton more:

  • The program is too overpriced, and also not a good product to promote
  • The suggestion to steal someone else’s content is unethical
  • Ridiculous income claims that are improbable to achieve, if not entirely impossible
  • Misleading refund and money-back guarantee terms, hiding important deets in a fine print
  • Refusing to cancel subscription payments
  • Philip’s website that acts as the program’s website too is a placeholder mess
  • Allegations on the lifetime cookie being a lie, they’ll take credit of your sale if you’re not part of Philip’s clique

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In conclusion, we don’t recommend 7 Figure Accelerator and its business opportunity. It’s not money-making, more like money-losing, and that’s our evaluation.

If they don’t deliver on their promise, then what’s the reason to join? Why would you shoot your foot like that? We seriously hope that y’all don’t. The only people having a “good” time here is Philip and his clique.

Well, we think the ship has sailed for anyone to become one of the top affiliates. But even then, do you really want to associate yourself with the shady program and Philip’s equally scummy ass? Do you?

First off, the requirement to buy the program before you can be an affiliate is already a red flag. Teaching nothing but promote their very own is another. Then, the ridiculous income claims, the misleading guarantee terms, and the list goes on, and on, and on…

Before leaving..

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