7 Day Digital Landlord Review

Owning and monetizing websites, apps and digital contents are some of the things that constitute a digital landlord.

Digital landlords often create or acquire online platforms, content, or services that attract users. They might generate income through various digital monetization strategies, such as online advertising, subscription models, or e-commerce. It’s a dynamic and evolving landscape where staying updated on digital trends, user behavior, and technology is crucial.

And what we have here today is 7 Day Digital Landlord, a program that gives opportunity for business owners that don’t have a budget to hire someone to build their own website, to rent a ready-made one so that they can have an online presence. 

Is being a digital landlord still a lucrative business to run? What are the perks of being a digital landlord? Let’s take a look at what 7 Day Digital Landlord has to offer in my review below.

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7 Day Digital Landlord Overview

In essence, 7 Day Digital Landlord helps build digital storefronts for brick and mortar businesses. Physical stores that don’t have their own “Amazon” like click to order online store to cater more customers. Even if they have what they call their “own” website, sometimes it’s just like an online business card where they introduce themselves, nothing more. 

Why so? Because hiring someone to build a website for your business can be a little bit expensive, especially when you’re a little too demanding on what your store wants to look like. 

7 Day Digital Landlord offers you a ready-to-rent digital storefronts where you can just let them customize it for the sake of them entering the items your store has to offer. After that, you’re good to go. You can have an online presence, more customers can see your product listings with a proper “click-to-order” setting, and voila, you can earn more than what you’ve been earning in your classic brick and mortar business.

And now, they have a course that teaches aspiring Digital Landlords on how to have their own digital storefront rental agency just like them. 

7 Day Digital Landlord Founders

Peter Beattie 

Peter Beattie

Peter Beattie has a really rough upbringing. He came from a broken family and he chose to live with his mom because his alcoholic dad sometimes beat him up when he’s drunk. Peter has been doing all the labor work himself, helping his mom for the sake of getting by every single day.

There’s also a phase in his life where he used drugs to escape the hardships that life has given him. Luckily, he realized that there are more things to do in life and went back to school. 

Hints are given that tells us that he finished a bachelor’s degree connected to architecture because when the financial crisis in 2008 happened, he said that he lost his job as an “Architectural Designer”. And because of that, he surfed the internet to find an online job that can help him pay the bills. 

With a few good mentors to stand by his side during his debut in building his very first digital agency, Peter was able to get back up and really started earning big bucks. From ten grand a month, to a hundred K a month in just a year.

Todd Gross

Todd Gross

Creator and netpreneur Todd Gross offers his expertise in video and other products to anyone looking to start their own internet enterprises or local businesses looking to establish a presence online.

But who would have thought that this prominent internet figure was once a television figure in the past? Todd is a 3x Emmy Award Winning Meteorologist who spent three decades in broadcasting.

Todd “Your Green Screen Guy” started his online fame in the year 2006 where he brought his expertise on screen (since broadcasting days) into the internet world. He shifted his focus from broadcasting to internet marketing when he realized that he’s earning more in his new found venture.

Todd is currently one of the top persons who others rely on when they want to launch their businesses. And to date, he has launched over 50 products, and has made countless businesses reach the 6 to 7 figures in his entire career.

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Inside 7 Day Digital Landlord

Rapid Storefront Builder - 7 Day Digital Landlord

7 Day Digital Landlord has a digital storefront builder software called “The Rapid Storefront Builder” that gives anyone the ability to easily stamp out ready-to-rent digital storefronts in just a few clicks. 

Anybody, regardless of technical experience, even if they’re complete beginners and never built a website before, they can have a ready-to-rent digital storefront up and live using the said builder. 

Once you have your account, you can easily create your own digital storefront. There are hundreds of digital storefront niche designs for any businesses that you can think of. Some of them are for restaurants, real estate, pet necessities shops, insurance agencies, mobile bike repairs and many more. 

These digital storefronts are already mobile-optimized, meaning that it’s user-friendly in a way that users can easily navigate everything that they need to see and do even in mobile devices.

They also have Rapid Client Getting Script, a proven copy and paste script that will do all the selling aspects for you.

Rapid Client Getting Script

This is another “earning money by helping others earn money” type of business. You give services that can help them reach the goals that they have in mind for their businesses, and they’ll willingly pay you for the services that you render.

 Step 1: Launch Your Storefront

By having access to multiple niche storefront designs, you can cater to almost any client that needs a ready-to-rent digital storefront for their businesses. With just a few clicks, you can already present to the clients the website that they will be renting out.

Step 2: Rent Out for Recurring Revenue

If they’re satisfied with what you did, they’ll send you the upfront payment for the month. You’ll also have access to a list of small businesses that need and want to rent out a click-to-order website. Multiple clients can easily be managed and if nothing goes wrong with their initial month, you’ll have yourself a customer for life.

Step 3: Rinse and Repeat

By repeating steps 1 and 2 with every successful deal, you’ll have yourself an endless stream of income. Reach out to potential clients, know what they want and need, make a digital storefront for them and rent it out.

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Cost and Refund Policy


There are what they called two different “licenses” that 7 Day Digital Landlord has to offer and since their promo for the discounted prices are just for a limited number of customers so that they can keep the competition low for the moment and wait for the big day where they can offer it at a much higher price, they tend to be already sold out as of writing. These licenses comes with:

7 Day Digital Landlord Cost

So regular prices for each “license” is:

  • $397 for the Hobbyist License where you can only build and rent a maximum of 3 Digital Storefronts. 
  • $497 for the Pro License where you can build and rent an unlimited number of Digital Storefronts, with an unlimited number of pages and products, for an unlimited number of clients.

Refund Policy

7 Day Digital Landlord offers a 30-day money back guarantee for those unsatisfied clients that deem their program lacking. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Digital Landlord


Being a digital landlord gives you access to global reach because the internet knows no geographical boundaries. You can reach potential audiences far and wide, allowing you to connect with people from any part of the world. 

It also offers availability, unlike some physical stores that only have operating hours. Digital properties such as content, services or products can be available 24/7, catering to users in different time zones and accommodating varied schedules.

A digital landlord also induces flexibility and scalability. The digital space being dynamic, it allows you to adapt and innovate rapidly. And scaling up to handle increased demand is usually more feasible in the digital space compared to brick and mortar businesses. 

And most importantly, being adaptable to trends and to the fast-paced evolution of our technology where most people are interested in.


You’re not alone in this realm, and low entry barriers to the digital space contribute to intense competition.

If we have robbers in the physical world, we also have hackers and breachers in the digital space. This also imposes dependency on technology and the rapid technological changes. If you want to have a low risk in the digital space, you also must be updated to the current changes in our ever evolving technology.

You must also be good at what you do, because online reputation is so exhausting to handle. One wrong move and just a word from an unsatisfied client will make a stain on your business. Worst case, you won’t be able to get back up and just decide to close it down permanently.

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Being a digital landlord has its fair share of ups and downs. Online Landlord Biz is a course that I’ve written a review of that’s somewhat the same as 7 Day Digital Landlord. They’re helping local businesses have an online presence so that they can increase their client base and potentially earn more than what they’ve been earning since the start.

It depends on your diligence to build a digital storefront, find a client and rent it out on how you will be successful in this kind of venture. But if it’s just as easy as they make it sound, you probably wouldn’t have a hard time having your first ever client once you consider answering 7 Day Digital Landlord knocking at your doorstep.

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