20-Minute Trader Review

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Jeremy Russell quotes a famous line by the legendary Bruce Lee, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”. Applying it to stock market trading, he states that, instead of learning multiple trading strategies, it’s much better to stick to one strategy and master it to the utmost limit.

And this is what Jeremy aims to do in the 20-Minute Trader. He claims that he’ll teach his students that single trading technique that has made him extremely successful in stock market trading. He claims that once the student has become an expert in it as well, taking on new things will be significantly easier.

It really sounds like he’s just selling you a dream. But let’s dig in more in my 20-Minute Trader review.

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What Is The 20-Minute Trader?

20-Minute Trader Review 1

The 20-Minute Trader is an educational platform that focuses on the stock market and day trading. As what the name says, the program will teach individuals how they can earn money by trading in the stock market, in as little as twenty minutes.

The premise behind the 20-Minute Trader is that, while many think that the stock market is unpredictable, it’s actually not (according to them). There are patterns in the rising and falling of stock prices which, if observed carefully, can be exploited in your trades to help you earn the most money possible through trading.

The 20-Minute Trader claims to teach its students how to discover those predictable patterns. By learning about these patterns and applying their strategies, they claim that students can each plenty of money by trading in just twenty minutes, or even less.

While the nature of program makes it seem that this is only for stock market veterans, it also claims that newbies can learn from the 20-Minute trader as well. As it includes lessons like an overview of the stock market, how to read charts, brokerages, and options trading.

What makes the 20-Minute Trader different, by their own claim, is that they can make the confusing subject of stock market trading much easier to understand, thanks to their team of expert traders.

Still, one must always keep in mind that stock trading is inherently risky. No matter what strategies or tool you use, there’s still a risk that traders could even lose all of their investment money if they don’t have proper risk management.

There’s no foolproof strategy or tool to earn money in stock trading. The only thing a trader can do is to make sure that they don’t lose too much money during the trade, and not let their emotions get the better of them.

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Who Is Jeremy Russell?

Jeremy Russel is the founder, and current CEO, of the 20-Minute Trader.

Jeremy Russell 2

The 20-Minute Trader platform came into being, when, as a trader, Jeremy identified a pattern in the rising and falling of stock values in the market. Using that pattern, he was able to predict the market, and based his strategies around those patterns.

Apparently, his continued success with that strategy led him to create the 20-Minute Trader. But other than that, not much information is provided about him.

He could simply be just this guy who just got good in the stock market, then decided to open up an online course to train others into his strategy. That’s not to say he’s not legitimate, however.

His social media presence is strong. He currently has over 11,000 followers in his Facebook page, 412,000 followers on his Instagram, and over 6.33k subscribers on his YouTube channel. Though compared to other stock market gurus, his numbers are still small.

He’s also the author of his own book, titled “How to Be a 20-Minute Trader: An Essential Guide for All Traders in Any Market”.

20-Minute Trader Online Courses

The 20-Minute Trader platform offers a variety of online courses about stock market education. Those new to stock market trading may take up the online courses that teach the basics of the method, while experienced traders may take up one of the advanced courses that cover the trading strategies that Jeremy Russell himself uses.

Here’s a quick overview of the programs that are offered by the 20-Minute Trader.

Free Intro Course ($0.00)

This online course serves as a gateway to the entire 20-Minute Trader platform. It covers the basics of stock market trading, and also acts as a pitch to the other paid courses offered by the program itself.

It also gives a brief overview on how does their trading strategy work, which involves finding predictable short-term patterns for confident and quick trading.

This course is suitable for beginners, and is completely free.

Predictable Trading Bundle ($7.00)

The website description for the Predictable Trading Bundle doesn’t really give any idea about its contents, other that their claim that the content included inside is supposedly of high value.

But it’s easy to assume that this is similar to the free intro course (basics about the stock market, trading strategy presentation), only done in much more detail. It also seems to cover even more topics, such as options trading.

Elite Trading Club ($497 per month)

Joining the Elite Trading Club will give you access to a private exclusive group of your fellow 20-Minute Trader students, where you can chat up with them and learn some more trading strategies.

More important, however, a mentor will then be assigned to you, which will provide you with 1-on-1, personalized coaching, through a series of live online sessions.

Secret Pattern Masterclass ($997)

The Secret Pattern Masterclass is the online course where the full extent of Jeremy Russell’s trading strategy will be taught. It’s composed of 55 video lessons, with over 9 hours worth of total content.

The strategy is based on their assumption that there’s a stock market pattern that’s been there for the last 5 years, and after years of intensive research, with several traders, they claim to have found and validated it.

Bulletproof Strategy ($47)

The Bulletproof Strategy is an online course that deals with risk management. It teaches its students on what should they do so that they don’t have to lose a lot of their investment money while trading.

Keep in mind that whatever your trading strategy is, there’s always that huge risk of losing all your money. Thus, learning risk management is always crucial.

God Mode ($10,000)

It’s described in the website as teaching “the most advanced and cutting-edge techniques”, and has strategies “for achieving invincibility and total success”.

However, the price point is just too expensive to be worth taking, for something that may already be taught in the previous courses here.

Trident Bundle ($471 initial payment, then $197 per month)

Based on the website description, it can be assumed that this is the complete package of the 20-Minute Trader, which contains content from all the previous courses (except god Mode, I’ll assume), packed into one online course.

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20-Minute Trader Tools

20-Minute Trader Review 2

20-Minute Trader also offers software that claims to completely automate the entire stock market trading process. These stock market trading automation tools claim to have been refined enough so their algorithms would be suitable enough to implement the trading strategies being taught here, but with little human input.

  • Hands-Free Trading ($997  per month) – This software program implements the 20-minute trading strategy, so that you can call profitable trades and earn money in 20 minutes, even if you’re not in front of the computer at all.
  • J-Bot ($100,000) – An automation software that claims to implement the “God Mode” trading strategy.

Naturally, these software comes at a much higher price than the online courses. But despite their description, it may not be worth it since trade automation can be riskier than doing it manually, as you’ll be unable to monitor if the software is doing a profitable trade.

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Final Thoughts: Is The 20-Minute Trader Worth It?

20-Minute Trader Review 3

It seems that the 20-Minute Trader doesn’t set itself apart from the other stock market trading educational platforms out there. Which can both be a good or a bad thing.

Though from what I’ve seen, many students from the 20-Minute Trader have been getting great results after taking some of their courses. In addition, there are plenty of good feedback coming from them, many saying that they did learn plenty of trading strategies from Jeremy Russell.

While there are some negative feedback, they are very few and far between. Some of them even have questionable validity.

The automation tools that they offer here are also quite interesting. Though they’re too expensive for my taste, so you’re probably better off without them.

Overall, I would say that, if you like Jeremy Russell’s teaching style, after watching some of his YouTube videos, and you want to learn as much as you can about stock market trading, then it may be worth it for you to join the 20-Minute Trader.

Then again, since the content inside seems to be no different from the others, to save yourself the money, it may be better off if you just rely of free lessons. Besides, stock market trading isn’t the best moneymaking method out there due to it’s volatility risk.

In short, your income may not be as consistent as you think here.

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